Poor Quality Toy Supplies Endanger "Children" Health-Woodmam


Wooden toys Wooden materials are more gentle, friendly, and infectious compared to other materials, and more relevant to nature, especially those that retain the original grain of wood toys. Wooden materials should not be damaged, durable, rustic materials, simple in structure, colorful, and better meet the needs of children's chewing.

Selection and purchase points of attention.

1. Regular merchants to buy, check whether the labeling of toys is standardized and whether it meets the requirements of national standards.
2. Touch: touch the surface is smooth, there is no barb, whether the edge is sharp, to avoid causing damage to children
3. Look: check the connection of wooden toys, small objects are firmly glued at the fixation, glue to be able to waterproof, and water immersion. Avoid accidental ingestion due to children playing with them, causing intestinal obstruction or suffocation.
4. Smell: try to buy toys without paint, to avoid the chewing process will be harmful substances ingestion, with the scent of wooden toys should also avoided buying, because once inhaled too much contains benzene, toluene, and other aromatic compounds scent will not only damage the child's olfactory system will also harm the child's physiological health, but also lead to skin allergies.
5. Drop and impact test: Some wooden materials are not good, once dropped or gnawed will lead to rupture, to avoid causing damage to the child or accidental ingestion
6: It is recommended to choose the original wood color, without any coating or staining, to avoid staining in the presence of saliva off affect the health of children. Wooden toys should also be cleaned and disinfected frequently. You can add soda water at a ratio of 300:1 or bleach at a ratio of 100:1, soak for 1 hour, and then place it in the sun.

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