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  "If you want to raise a 'scoundrel', then go ahead and 'indulge' him and 'accommodate' him to your heart's content; if you want to raise a very If you want to raise a 'great' child, then you must insist on rejecting your child's initial unreasonable requests with loving principles and reasons.

 The first 'baby': you can't spoil your child.

  Wang Jing said: "Our family conditions are good, this can be considered 'spoiled'. But you can't spoil a child. If you raise Huang Thought as a little princess, saying whatever you want and doing whatever you want, how can you be wronged when you grow up? Even a smooth environment would not be satisfactory to her. Therefore, from the moment Huang Thought was born, we never 'carried' her difficulties for her, but used such difficulties to achieve our purpose of training her."

  A principled love is a sensible love. And to adhere to this principle of love, parents sometimes have to be ruthless. Wang Jing went through a painful process in this regard.

  On her first day at kindergarten, Huang Siwei cried for her mother and to go home, like most children do. Because Huang Siwei was younger than the other children in her class, the teacher was softened by her crying that she sent her home. Wang Jing sent the teacher away and said to her daughter, "The children are all in kindergarten and no one can go home before it's time to finish school. Now, you will have to go to kindergarten by yourself."

  The daughter was kept out, whimpering and crying, but her mother insisted on not letting her in.

  The daughter knew her mother's temper: matters of principle were not negotiable. Finally, she gave in and begged her mother, "Let's send LuLu to kindergarten."

  Wang Jing really wanted to pick up her daughter and take her back to kindergarten. However, she knew in her heart that if she sent her daughter back to kindergarten today, she would be rewarding her for her petulant behaviour. In that case, tomorrow and the day after ...... her daughter would cry again and the teacher would send her home. So, Wang Jing ruthlessly said to her daughter, "Good child, you go back by yourself, and mum will be the first to pick you up in the afternoon."

  Her daughter left without a choice, facing the door of her house and taking one step backwards. As she did so, she said through tears, "Bye, Mum!" As she watched her daughter walk away, Wang Jing closed the door and cried. It does take a strong will for a mother to let her child be trained at a young age!

  Wang Jing was relieved that from that day on, her daughter never cried again at kindergarten. Although her daughter was only three years old, her mother's action sent a message to her that sometimes one's wishes can be rejected and that many things are not done as one wishes.

  Her mother's "non-compliance" has brought her daughter endurance and optimism. Having experienced setbacks from a young age, Wong Thought has learnt to accept reality and is able to adapt her behaviour to suit the norms of society. She is understanding and thinks of others before anything else, and when conflicts of interest arise, she always consciously adapts herself to others, never forcing them to accommodate her. Most importantly, she derives great pleasure from it and is proud of her ability to solve one problem after another.

  Wang Jing said to me, "I don't give in to my child because I don't think of my child now, I think of the future. If I prepare a 'greenhouse' for her now, she will become arrogant and weak, and she will only be miserable when she lives independently."

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