Honing the child with the will to love-Woodmam


 If parents do everything for their children, they will not grow up. Successful people excel because they know the magic of "practice makes perfect".

  A child who says "I can do it" does not grow up by talking, but by doing. Some parents say that they want their children to exercise, but they do everything for them. The child gradually becomes dependent, unwilling to face difficulties and setbacks, and his or her potential is not realised.

  In today's increasingly privileged living environment, it is important for children to have the quality of "not knowing hardship in the midst of suffering and not feeling difficult in the face of difficulties" for the rest of their lives. For the long term, parents should let their children learn to bear setbacks, accept punishments and experience hardships at an early age. When the child grows up, he or she will be grateful for the gift of life from his or her parents.

  The educator Mr. Ye Shengtao said, "Education is the formation of habits." "Sow behaviour and reap habits; sow habits and reap character; sow character and reap destiny." What is the future destiny of a child? It depends on whether he has developed good habits today.

Educational toys can be used to prompt children's learning abilities 

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