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Many parents are not well educated and may not be able to tutor their children academically, but don't think that because you are not well educated you can't teach your children. My mother was not very well educated, but my upbringing was to a large extent related to my mother.

  Proper homeschooling is not about saying, "I'm a college professor, I'm a high school principal, and I spend all day watching over my child, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing, teaching him one stroke at a time, that's not smart parenting. I don't advocate this kind of parenting, and I don't envy this kind of parenting.

  A good parent is one who is educated or uneducated, highly educated or poorly educated, as long as you are good at cultivating these five positive qualities in your child, you will naturally be able to make your child a success.

  Parents should also have self-confidence in this area.

  Learning to tutor is also a comprehensive ability

  To be a good parent, you need to cultivate these five motivations in your child, but you also need to know that learning to tutor is also a comprehensive ability, and you also need five motivations.

  We have talked about the five positives, the eight intelligences, and the two affordances. Some parents are highly educated and find no difficulty in understanding these things. Some parents may think, "It's so complicated! No fear.

  As long as you grasp this truth, you can teach well at any level of education. If you don't have this truth, and you have a high level of education, you may be able to teach your child the most harmful things.

  I have given this example more than once. The great inventor Thomas Edison invented more than 1,300 patents in his lifetime. When he was a child, he was at the bottom of his class and knew how to scribble on paper, so he was considered retarded by his teacher and the principal said he would be expelled. His mother, who was not very educated, took her child to the school and approached the teacher, saying, "My child is much smarter than you.

  It was such a mother who had the understanding of her child and the protection of his self-confidence and motivation that eventually made him the world's greatest inventor. Edison's mother wouldn't spend her days tutoring her children together with their homework, but why did she raise them to be successful?

  If the teacher at that time said that the child is retarded, to expel the child, parents also special low self-esteem, come back to blame the child, why do not you study well ah? Why are you so embarrassed for me? There would have been no more great scientists and inventors, but more socially incompetent people who could not feed, clothe, or support themselves.

  You may also make similar mistakes

  Parents may also make similar mistakes, only not as serious. You may also bury many scientists and inventors!

  If you read this book and master the right way to guide, there may be a Nobel Prize winner among children. Don't be unconfident, don't say, I am not a great scientist, my child can become a great scientist? Edison's mother is not a great scientist! How did the world's first great scientist come? Is it always born of a great scientist?

  Do parents have to be more educated than their children in order to tutor them? What did the parents of the Nobel Prize winner do? What kind of prize did they win?

  Therefore, it is not hard work, not worrying, not being highly educated, not having a lot of money, not being well off, but understanding the five positive states of the child's mind and being good at protecting, nurturing and developing the five positive aspects of the child's mind in a particularly simple, clear and effective way.

  The whole genius and mystery of parents is here. Knowing this, you have mastered the right way of home education.

  We have seen such children who are not good at studies, but they are particularly good at a certain game, they are particularly good at playing football, they are particularly good at playing video games. Why? This area has self-confidence, this area has interest, this area may also have a goal, I want to grow up to be an athlete, or I at least in the school to play as a starter, at least with other schools when the game I have to do, he is very full of motivation.

  Did it not occur to you that this motivation can be gradually cultivated in studies?

  It's easy to develop an interest

  A child's motivation for a particular game is also cultivated gradually. Parents can try, if they don't believe me, that a certain kind of motivation can be cultivated in a few days for any child, especially for a very young one.

  For example, a small child of two or three years old, can walk, even if it is a girl, you must cultivate her interest in kicking a ball, it is very easy. Take a ball, a little girl can also kick it, and after kicking it, you immediately encourage her: you kicked it well! She has the first point of this interest. Then, another kick, people around you say, "Yo, good kick! Then, you praise her for her good kicking. You see, within a few days this little girl loves to play soccer.

  It's easy to develop an interest.

  It's easy to destroy an interest.

  It's also easy to destroy an interest.

  This child likes to play soccer, and all the kids in the yard like to play soccer. But you say, "My child is particularly stupid, and he's not good at playing soccer. You keep counting him and slapping him, and then you add, "What's the point of playing soccer, it's not a proper job.

  It's easy to destroy an interest!

  Don't parents have to cook every day? You make a good meal, praise you, oops, good cooking! You're interested, right? As soon as you eat your food, you say that the cooking is not good, you are still interested? No more.

  There is a concept that these five types of motivation are easy to destroy and easy to cultivate, as long as you have the heart.

  3.7 Ways to cultivate the five positive qualities in children

  What kind of methods do we use when we go deep into the mind of a child and value the five positives of a child?

  There are several methods that are usually used.

  One is called the "New Image Establishment Method".

  The method of visualization

  "In the "New Image Establishment Method," the first method of establishment is called the "Contemplation Establishment Method.

  Although your child's five motivations are poor, or less than ideal, or you want him to be better, you must first imagine your child as a child with all five motivations, regardless of his current situation.

  That is to say, you must first nurture his motivation by not saying that he is not motivated or thinking that he is not motivated. It is certainly wrong to nurture a child's motivation in this way.

  If, after reading this book, you say to your child, I find that you have a problem with five main types of motivation, I think you are rather lacking in all five of them. That would be completely wrong.

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