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Is it okay to blow hard when the fire is just lit? No. Can you slap it? No. Can you step on it? No. You say you just can't do it anymore, you can't burn it, you pull the wood, can you do it? Or put all the firewood on the top immediately, okay? No.

  Wet and dry with, sparse and dense with, the size of the wind debugging, a little bit to renew the fire.

  The five types of motivation are the seedlings of the child's learning ability. How to keep the fire of motivation burning more and more vigorously is to take advantage of it and nurture it little by little.

  It is especially important to rebuild, restore, develop, and nurture the five motivations of the child.

  3.9 Learning ability is a functional state

  The ability to learn is a functional state.

  We must be especially aware of what the state of the child's learning ability is like. The five positives may also be expressed as five negatives, and the five positives may be expressed as average, or excellent, or good.

  What state the five positives are in directly affects the performance of intelligence.

  He is upwardly mobile, he is confident, he is interested, his comprehension, his thinking ability, his observation ability, his reading ability, his expression ability, all can be in a relatively good state, and he can even master his tolerance, protect his tolerance, and develop his tolerance.

  A gifted parent is also a gifted coach

  The child must be seen as an athlete who is always on the playing field.

  When an athlete is on the field, his motivation is his competition status. First, is he striving for victory and good results? Second, his love for the competition project, there is no interest? Third, does he have self-confidence? Fourth, is he good at concentrating his attention? Fifth, after encountering setbacks, does he have the quality of will?

  You have to look at your child's entire study as if he is in a competitive, competitive state of such an athlete, so that you are good at loving him.

  As we all know, the coach is big during normal training, and the athlete is big during the competition. Before the competition, how to let the athletes rest well, how to let the athletes eat well, how to make the athletes happy, the coach is like a nanny at that time. The coach is like a nanny at that time, because the athlete is the biggest when the competition is coming. We have to take good care of him and protect his condition.

  We should treat the children's learning status like the athletes' competition status, because learning itself is a status issue.

  It is entirely possible for an athlete's state on the playing field to be ruined by a wrong instruction, a wrong criticism, a wrong reprimand, or a wrong indulgence, and it is also entirely possible for the state to be adjusted by a right instruction.

  The best state is excited, confident and relaxed

  When we adjust all five types of motivation to a better state, the child is theoretically speaking five types of motivation, in terms of the state of the image is intuitively speaking six words, called excited, confident, and relaxed.

  These six words can reflect whether the five positives are in the best state.

  Why excited? If he has motivation, interest, concentration and will, he is bound to show the feeling of excitement in learning. He loves to study, he is excited to do his homework, and he is happy to go. This is the state of excitement.

  In the excitement is also self-confidence, today do homework, tomorrow test, quite confident.

  But also not too nervous.

  Athletes are very excited, so excited that their muscles are cramped, but that's not okay! It is because of too much tension. Because excitement also contains a certain amount of tension. The muscles are not tense at all, the mind is not tense at all, there is no sense of excitement. It is wilted, there is no excitement.

  It has a certain amount of tension, but a certain amount of tension is linked to a certain amount of relaxation. It's like when we exercise, upright and relaxed.

  Excited, confident and relaxed is a good state of learning, a state of competence.

  I hope that all parents can deeply understand the five positives in their children's mind, pay attention to what state their children's learning ability is in, and be good at protecting and adjusting their children's state, which is a particularly important job for parents.

  3.10 Parents' self-assessment

  1. Is your child motivated to learn?

  (1) Yes

  (2) No

  (3) Generally

  2、Does your child have interest in learning?

  (1) Yes

  (2) No

  (3) Generally

  3, Is your child confident in learning?

  (1) Very confident

  (2) More confident

  (3) Not very confident

  (4) Not confident

  4、Does your child pay attention when studying?

  (1) Concentrated

  (2) More concentrated

  (3) Not very concentrated

  (4) Not concentrated

  5、Does your child have perseverance in learning?

  (1) Yes

  (2) Not bad

  (3) No

  6、What aspects of your child's study do you think are problematic?

  (1) Upward motivation

  (2) Interest

  (3) Self-confidence

  (4) Attention

  (5) Perseverance

  7. How effective are you in applying the following methods?

  (1) Observation establishment method (good, bad, average)

  (2) Description establishment method (good, bad, average)

  (3) Psychological suggestion method (good, bad, average)

  (4) appreciation, praise, encouragement, example method (good, bad, general)

  (5) logic interruption method (good, bad, general)

  Homeschool motto.

  Upward motivation is the basic driving force of children's learning.

  An important reason for a child's poor learning may be a lack of interest in learning. Academic performance is often a direct reflection of interest in learning.

  With interest, intelligence can be better used and developed.

  Interest is an important motivator. Smart parents must have a careful perspective, observation and appreciation of their children's interests.

  The significance of self-confidence is to help children use their intelligence more effectively and develop it more efficiently.

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