• Postscript-woodmam


    With the rapid development of science and technology, the speed of knowledge update is getting faster and faster, even if parents have high education, they may not be able to guide their children effectively in academics all the time. Then, how to improve children's own learning ability and how to make them become learning geniuses has become the most important concern for many families.  As...
  • To have a serious conversation with your child -woodmam

    To have a serious conversation with your child -woodmam

    Then, in the face of the child's current situation, the first thing is to have the psychological quality to endure together with the child. To be clear to the child, this is the reality, just like an athlete is the first in the provincial team, to the national team will not necessarily be the first. But to go from a normal school to a...
  • Virtuous circle method-woodmam

    Virtuous circle method-woodmam

      If you are in a hurry to get your child's academic performance up, it is often counterproductive, called "speed is not good enough".  Adults know that you must be in a hurry to do a certain thing, but the result may not do well. Driving in a special hurry, rush to a place, accidents are often such drivers.  Therefore, the child who studies hard is generally...
  • The special importance of the parental role-woodmam

    The special importance of the parental role-woodmam

    Parents need to understand the meaning of my question. Because this child is poor in all subjects, I asked him which subject he liked.  The child said he liked sports. I said yes!  I was afraid that my child would not like anything.  I asked him what sports he liked. He said he liked basketball and soccer.  I asked, "Do your mom and dad always watch you play...
  • Facing the evaluation of parents and teachers-woodmam

    Facing the evaluation of parents and teachers-woodmam

    When a child enters school and is free from parental care, he dares not answer questions in public, dares not go to the teacher, and can he play with his classmates after class, all kinds of responses appear.  12.3 Facing the evaluation of parents and teachers  What other effects does the difference in academic performance have? It is the difference between teachers' and parents' judgments.  Children who...
  • Situation-based education-woodmam

    Situation-based education-woodmam

      This child was more active, less focused, and couldn't sit still in class. Isn't he a strong person? You say, a few children sit together to see who sits best, who holds on the longest, and the bench does not make a sound. If you use the strong mind to pull him, he may suddenly have a more stable performance than those quiet...
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