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  The teachers showed their unconcealed joy, and on their way out the door, the principal admonished them again: teach them as usual, and don't let the children or their parents know that they were purposely selected.

  A year later, the students in these three classes had the best grades in the entire school district, two or three percent above the average. It was then that the principal told the teachers the truth, that these students had not been deliberately selected, but were just ordinary students chosen at random. The three teachers had never expected things to be like this, and could only attribute it to their own good teaching. And the principal told them that in fact they were also randomly selected.

  Because of the important role of suggestion, the three teachers felt that they were very good, full of confidence and pride, and naturally worked extra hard; the students knew they were a good student, and would certainly try to learn well, and as a result, they were all really good.

  The principle of reverie

  Newton's gravity, Einstein's theory of relativity and many other great theories were born as a result of reverie. One summer afternoon, as Einstein lay on a grassy hillside, he gazed at the sun through slightly closed eyelids, playing with the light coming through his eyelashes. It was then that he began to wonder what it would be like to travel along the beam of light, and he lay there as if he had entered a dream, letting his mind wander at will, imagining that he himself was traveling along the beam. Suddenly he realized (epiphany) that this was the answer to the question he had just been seeking, and this realization was the essence of relativity.

  The principle of sharpening

  The vitality of a seed is so great that even if it is covered with a stone that cannot be moved by ordinary people, the seed can overturn it. And the greater the weight of the stone, the greater the power of the seed. Therefore, to develop the potential of children, the sharpening method can also be used, that is, to set the right difficulties, and people can overcome difficulties to stimulate the synapses between neurons in the brain, generating the inner excitement of conquering difficulties.

  The principle of planning

  We often see the iceberg landscape with a clear sky in the background from photos, and I believe that everyone will let out a heartfelt admiration: ah, how beautiful! And what we see is only a part of the surfacing. What is the beauty of the iceberg? It is the part of the iceberg that is hidden underneath. The pile of icebergs underneath will gradually present a part of them on the surface of the water, where the "presentation" is unpredictable and uncontrollable, while the "pile" can be achieved by following the plan, and in fact, it is achieved! In fact, if the "pile-up" is achieved, the "presentation" will arrive unannounced. The "pile-up" should be planned, including purpose, plan, preparation, measures, arrangement, steps, repetition, efficiency, moderation, and effectiveness.

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