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 Focus, not only is the only way for the soul to get rewarded, but it is essential to stimulate the learning potential of your child. The highest level of concentration is obsession. The encouraged, trained child allows the brain to enter a deeper state of intellectual pleasure and thus enters a state of obsessive forgetfulness in developing this interest. Once a child develops the habit and personality of obsession, his intellectual activity enters a period of qualitative improvement, and the things that obsess him will become an extremely important part of his life later.

  The way to develop a child's concentration is to focus the child's attention on trying to use the conditions he already has to achieve his goals.

  One is determination, which means eliminating distractions, being determined, not being disorganized, and focusing on breaking through a problem. How to form a person's determination? First, to determine the belief, firm. The second is self-discipline. The third is to fully mobilize all organs to follow the command of the brain, such as hands, feet, eyes, nose, etc., to complete what they have determined.

  The second is orientation, determine a focus point, once selected, easily do not shift. How to choose a clear direction? One is to find an accurate scientific reference standard. Second, if it is difficult to determine whether it is worth or should be done, then immediately decide, assuming that this direction is the direction of your efforts, and under this assumption immediately to do.

  What is the best way to get the first place

  The premise of "love to learn" is "know how to learn", and "know how to learn" is the guarantee of "love to learn". The actual "will learn" in order to "learn well".

  Experts have conducted case studies on learning methods with outstanding students from Peking University, Tsinghua University and other universities in China, and also conducted questionnaires on parents' learning and counseling, and summarized some excellent learning methods. To further confirm the superiority and accuracy of these methods, they were also compared with the learning methods of students in ten key schools in four provinces and cities, including Hubei, Fujian, Jiangsu and Beijing. The following methods can now be finalized as decisive.

Educational toys can be used to prompt children's learning abilities 

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