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When Ah Cheng turned to the local officials who had accompanied him, he crossed his hand and all the coconut trees in the whole street were within his boundaries, only to hear him say in a loud voice, "I'll take all this land, cut down all these coconut trees and build a big shopping mall to save the general managers from getting their heads smashed in again."

  It seems that it was God's will that the couple spent so much time under the coconut trees, but they just couldn't get hit by the coconuts. When Shing became the general manager, a coconut fell on his head just as he was getting out of the car.

  Success is no accident

  All the world's great men and women have had to go through a long and despised life. After all, success is not achieved overnight.

  To get ahead, "obscurity" and hard work are the way to go, and although it may seem hard to accept at the time, it is the "darkness" that must come before the "dawn".

  There is nothing wrong with the idea that everyone wants to be recognised by others and create something great on the stage of life. However, most people spend their lives in obscurity. If you are lamenting the fact that you are not fortunate enough to achieve your ambitions, why not look around you?

  Lilies and gladioli in full bloom store nutrients in their bulbs so that the flowers can draw on them at any time. When transplanting, on the other hand, if there is too much water and fertiliser, the plant will instead be lethargic and struggle to grow.

  The green shade of the fir is sufficient to protect the moss, and the dew that drips from the fir leaves nourishes the moss, which, when it flourishes, supplies the moss with the water it has accumulated. Thus, the fir and the moss co-exist and flourish with each other.

  The little finger is an insignificant part of the body that is often not recognised as such in everyday life; however, its presence cannot be ignored.

  For example, if your pinky is not flexible, you cannot hold a hammer, you cannot throw a ball far, and when you are upside down, it is difficult to keep your balance without it. We don't usually pay any attention to it, but when we lose it, we experience the value of its existence.

  The ability of trains to move quickly and smoothly depends on the silent work of the most junior maintenance staff. If these unsung heroes stopped working, the trains would be a problem for even the minimum safety, not to mention speed.

  The natural principles of heaven and earth are ingenious; everything has its use and complements each other without being wasted in order to maintain a state of harmony.

  If, on the contrary, one tries to exclude the other, to overwhelm the other, to realise one's own claims, to make oneself stand out, then the other is bound to be unable to co-operate, and antagonism will arise.

  If you can understand this, you will not complain even if you are not heard and not taken seriously. A Chinese man was once sent to serve in Hawaii and was responsible for cleaning up every day. Because he was still in training, he had to practise one cleaning, two diligence and three learning. "If you can't clean well, how can you learn well?"

  As he cleaned every day, he would see the many tourists outside the walls, enjoying the stunning scenery of Hawaii, known as the "Paradise by the Sea", in the sunshine, and inwardly feel sorry for himself in his overalls as he cleaned.

  He later realised that those days had a profound effect on him and that his daily labour had not only increased his appetite, but also his health. I am sure many people are like this Chinese man at the time, who only knows how to compare other people's lives with his own and complains incessantly. Indeed, basic work is an unbearable grind for young men of blood and vigour.

  All the great men and women of the world have had to go through a long and despised life. After all, success is not achieved overnight. Those sell-out singers may seem glamorous on the surface, but how did they get to where they are today without some hard work and the assistance of those around them to enrich themselves.

  In short, success is never accidental.

  Choosing to regret

  Aren't we all like that, initially wanting to hold on to perfection, only to lose it later as a handicap? In fact, choosing perfection is a misnomer, as is the inability to give up in time.

  Choosing perfection is a misnomer, and so is failing to give up in time.

  It was in the hospital that I met him. Although he was dressed in a blue and white hospital gown, he still could not stop his youth and handsomeness.

  It was two months ago when he found out about the bone cancer. He was going through the procedure of leaving the country for Australia, where his girlfriend of many years was. They had arranged to go skiing together this winter. When he got his visa, he flew happily off to make a long-distance phone call to his girlfriend and on the way he fell down. His right leg was limp and he couldn't lift it. He went to the hospital for tests and it was bone cancer. The doctors told him to be hospitalised immediately for an operation to amputate his right leg, which was the only way to save his life. However, he refused.

  Family, friends, doctors and fellow patients repeatedly advised him, "Let's do the operation! After all, it's better to live!"

  But he shook his head firmly: "No, for me, my leg is as important as my life! I would rather lose my life than amputate this leg!"

  Without his signature, the operation could not go ahead. The hospital and his family could only respect his choice and do medication for him. In less than two months, because of the chemotherapy, a head of black hair had fallen out! And during those two months, his strong desire to keep his leg and his strong desire to live were intertwined and battled every moment, compromising each other. Finally, it was the desire to live that prevailed and he changed his initial decision and agreed to have the operation to amputate his diseased right leg!

  He signed his name on the operation sheet and then, after gazing at his right leg for the last time, he was wheeled into the operating theatre. The operation lasted four hours and he was asleep the whole time. When he woke up again, all he felt was a sharp pain in his lower right side, and he slowly turned his eyes away from it, which was empty. Tears were streaming down his face in an instant and he felt his heart aching violently, 100 times more violently than the pain in his body!

  But things turned out to be of the worst kind. Because he had missed the best time to have the operation, his condition had deteriorated dramatically and the cancer had spread. His leg was sawed off for nothing, and he was going to go to the end of his life with a crippled body with only one leg left!

  "Regret?" All of us looked at him silently as he reentered our ward, on crutches, and although he said nothing, the doubt in his gaze was evident to him. "Regret. But not regret that it was too late for the operation, but regret that it shouldn't have been done at all!"

  I looked at him and at that moment, I kept asking myself over and over again: if it were me, what would I have chosen?

  The final answer was: I would have done the same as he did. At the beginning, choose the first option to save the leg; then as time goes on and the condition worsens, change to the second to save the life. Then lose both, and then regret it.

  Isn't this how we all are many times, initially wanting to hold on to perfection, only to lose it later by becoming crippled? In fact, choosing perfection is a misnomer, as is the inability to give up in time.

  Letting go of frustration

  Do not let setbacks bring you down. By letting go of setbacks, you conquer yourself and you win joy!

  A man should walk tall with flowers in his lapel when his back is against the wall. Thomas did this.

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