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As the elephant grew, man cleverly used a chain to restrain it, even though that chain would not have tied the powerful elephant. In the environment in which we grow up, are there also many chains that bind us, invisible to the naked eye? And we naturally take these chains for granted, as a matter of habit.

  Thus, our unique creativity is discredited by ourselves, thinking that we cannot succeed in becoming rich; telling ourselves that it is difficult to be the ideal other half for our spouse, the ideal parent for our children and the ideal child for our parents. Then, we begin to bow to our circumstances, even to the point of resigning ourselves to fate and resenting others.

  It's all about the chains that bind us to ourselves. Perhaps you will have to be patient and wait for a fire to come in your life, forcing you to choose to break the chain or be swept away by it. Perhaps you will be fortunate enough to choose the former and, having broken free, will be able to warn those who come after you of the need to grow through hardship.

  There is a different option to these commonplace rules of life. You can make the decision to use our inner capacity to break free from negative habits and change your circumstances to a new and positive area where you can realise your potential.

  Are you willing to wait for the fire in your life? Are you even willing to be swept away by it and resign yourself to it? Or do you want to immediately break free from your circumstances and gain the freedom to pursue success?

  This is a prudent choice, and one that is certainly up to you.

  Learn to give up in order to succeed

  Sometimes in life, bad situations can come up unexpectedly and catch us off guard, so we need to learn to give up. Give up your impatience and wait peacefully for life to turn around.

  Life is like a long journey on a train, when you get to a stop, you have to get off. Those who dwell on the past will always live in pain and regret.

  An unlucky fox was caught by a hunter with a snare on one of its paws, and without hesitation it bit off the calf and ran for its life. It is the fox's philosophy to give up a leg to save a life. When life forces us to pay a painful price, it is wise to give up partial benefits to save the whole. As the wise man said, "The lesser of two evils, the greater of two advantages." It is the very essence of renunciation to seek to avoid harm.

  In Europe, there is a popular folk proverb: to get a nail, we lose a horseshoe; to get a horseshoe, we lose a steed; to get a steed, we lose a rider; to get a rider, we lose a victory in a war.

  To lose a war over a nail is the evil of not knowing how to give up early.

  Sometimes in life, bad situations can come up unexpectedly and catch us off guard, and that's when we need to learn to give up. The way Yang Jiang writes about it in her Six Tales of a Cadet School is a modest jump in the face of life's events. Even if we cannot reach this state, we must learn to give up and live with a sense of freedom.

  There are many things that we need to give up in our lives. As the old saying goes, we cannot have both the fish and the bear's paw. If it is not what we should have, we must learn to give it up. The journey of several decades of life, there will be mountains and waters, wind and rain, some gains are bound to be some losses, only when we learn to give up, we can have a peaceful and serene state of mind, will live a more fulfilling, frank and easy.

  For example, at the moment of graduation, when friends who have been together for several years clasped hands and whispered to each other to take care of themselves, everyone could not help but cry ...... to give up a friendship, but after all, everyone has their own journey, and how can we stay together? If we hold on to a friend, we will only be blocking the view of our journey and missing out on some of the more beautiful landscapes of life. By learning to give up, we may have a wider sky of friendship.

  Life is like a long journey on a train, when you get to a stop, you have to get off. Those who are obsessed with the past will live forever in pain and regret. It is true that the end of a relationship is heartbreaking, yet how do you know that there is not someone more suitable for you in the future. Never assume the future before you have experienced it.

  If you've missed the moon, you can't miss the stars. Put down the old bag so you can get a new life.

  Take stock of the moment and seize it

  It is an unhealthy mindset to be overly eager to get ahead.

  Giving up is both a rational and an open-minded act.

  "Perseverance is the key to success." This is a famous maxim left by the ancients, but also for the world to promote the way to success.

  In fact, hard work and perseverance is only one of the conditions for a person to become successful. As for other conditions, such as opportunity, talent, hobbies, understanding, physical fitness and so on are also indispensable. If you are really too poor to study a certain subject, learn a certain technology or engage in a certain career, and after considerable efforts still do not work, then you may as well learn to "give up" and find another way.

  Take piano lessons, for example: according to statistics, there are 100,000 children playing the piano in Beijing and Shanghai. I don't know how many there are in the country, but I don't think there are less than a million! It would be nice if they were just playing for fun, but no, many families are serious about raising their children as pianists. Many couples think that "this is it for life" and that their child will make a career out of it no matter what. So they save their money and buy an imported piano for their child, determined to raise a Chinese "Chopin" or "Liszt". Another example is the college entrance examinations: once a year, the college entrance examinations are held in a frenzy, and a few families are happy when they have to struggle to get a higher or lower grade. No matter how "persevering" you are and how hard you try, the admission rate is such that nearly half of the candidates must voluntarily or involuntarily "give up" their desire to go to university, limited by educational resources.

  If the gap is not large, and occasionally miss, it is natural that it may be worthwhile to feed the troops and fight again the next year; if the gap is too large, and it is difficult to improve a few more exams, then it should be a decisive step to learn to "give up". There is a saying that "there are thousands of ways to achieve success, so why squeeze the only bridge". Bill Gates, the world's richest man, never went to university, and Thomas Edison, the inventor, only graduated from primary school, but that didn't stop him from becoming famous and famous. Perhaps if you take one step back, the sky will open up.

  Life is short, and it's hard to keep your time. If you choose the right goal, you have to persevere, so that "gold can be cut". But if the goal is not suitable, or the objective conditions do not allow, instead of wasting time and effort, you should learn to give up and "see the difference". Only in this way can we be able to achieve our goals again. Ban Chao and Lu Xun are examples of people who have "changed their minds" and have gone on to great things. It can be seen that if you can judge the situation, avoid the shortcomings of your strengths and seize the opportunity to give up, it is not only a rational performance, but also an open-minded move.

  Living in a colourful and tempting world, every person with a normal mind will have ideals, visions and pursuits. Otherwise, he will have no ambition, and he will resign himself to mediocrity and make no achievements. However, excessive eagerness for success is an unhealthy state of mind, and history and real life have taught us that we must learn to give up!

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