Don't be a control freak parent, children have a life of their own-Woodmam

I. Say goodbye to old ideas

The state of being dominated by parents for a long time is difficult to break away from because it has been deeply rooted in your mind. It's a good time to get rid of your mother's stereotypes and think about how you grew up thinking about what you're doing now. Unlike when you were a child when you are now able to think about things from a broader perspective, it is inevitable that you will have different ideas or values than your mother. Children are not the property of their parents, and if you can find your own way or lifestyle, everything will definitely move in a good direction!

2. Keep your distance

If you really want to do it for your child, it's best not to say such things. These words and actions that seem like they are for the good of the child are in fact many of them are to satisfy the mother's own interests and feelings.

This kind of self-satisfaction to force the child and dominate the mind is actually considered psychological violence. If the mother says such dominant words, the best response is to respond coldly and keep your distance.

3. Don't blame the mother

If you follow your mother's instructions all the time, you can't help but blame your parents when things go wrong. This will not only prevent the child from growing up on his or her own, but also from escaping from the mother's control.

It is only natural to feel guilty when separating your mother from your own life, but there is really no need to be particularly concerned.

4. Always cater to expectations

Many people who can't let go of their poisonous parents have a strong sense of responsibility. There have been many cases where responding to the expectations of the other person has turned into mental anguish.

Please make a clear distinction between what you want to do, what you don't want to do but are doing, and what you don't want to do. Once you are ready, you can almost say no to your mother!

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