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(9) Humor method

  "Humor is a kind of wit." Psychologists have found in their investigations that creative children have a distinct characteristic that they are more humorous than the average child. Therefore we hope that parents create a relaxed and harmonious environment for their children and let laughter fill the home. And don't always lecture your child with a stern face, too much tension will bind the child's thinking:.

  A psychologist once talked about the great effect of laughter. He said: "When I was a student, I once attended an assembly of a famous professor who had many outstanding students under him. To my surprise, what I thought was a very serious research meeting was filled with jokes from beginning to end. They laughed and joked freely with each other, and when they spoke, they immediately drew various opinions and discussed them with each other.

  I unknowingly mingled with them, and in the midst of the laughter, I discovered something unusual: that the laughter also included questions about the issues discussed that day. The opinions of the group became clearer as a result of the laughter, and new ideas were put forward one after another. The strange ideas were recorded one by one in a free-flowing conversation.

  Seeing these scenes, it seemed to me that I had discovered the secret of the many talents under the professor's tutelage. Later, when I specialized in psychology, I realized that the ideas I had at that time were indeed not wrong. Laughing, which relieves tension and improves creativity, has a greater impact on children with developing brains."

  Therefore, parents should create a humorous atmosphere in the family, they should encourage their children to have more contact with humorous people, and they should also allow their children to play a little humor. Do not just a child humor, parents reprimanded for playing poor mouth.

  (10) Activity method

  Activities are often the most interesting to children, interested in the maximum mobilization of children's thinking. Activities can make the child's thinking in an active state, is very beneficial to the development of thinking.

  There are many activities suitable for children, such as music, dance, sports, science and technology, small production, calligraphy, art, drama, biology, animal breeding and so on. Children can participate in these activities to learn knowledge beyond the textbook, but also to develop thinking skills.

  To cultivate pioneering and creative children, we need to let them go to extracurricular activities to exercise, to exercise in real life. If the child is locked in the house all day to key books, not in contact with the actual, thinking development is still not fast.

  Hanging out is also an activity. Appropriate to give children a little time to hang out, so that the child's brain is stimulated in many ways, but also can develop intelligence.

  School children do not come home on time, go outside to hang out, generally speaking, the mother is not allowed, mainly because of fear of the child accident, perhaps the child late back parents will be furious. Before that, ask the parents to listen to his reasons for hanging out. Maybe he was attracted to something new, while watching and thinking, and grew a lot of knowledge may be, in this case we should tell the child should make a phone call home, so that parents do not worry, for loitering do not blame.

  Children can not only learn book knowledge, they need to understand society. In the loitering see a lot of things, learn a lot of knowledge, the brain will be more stimulated, invariably improve the thinking power. So we often find that obedient children's heads are not very "bright", but rather naughty children have created, because naughty children are more socially exposed to a broader, more flexible brain. Unlimited loitering is also not possible, one is to delay school, the second is dangerous. We are talking about loitering within a certain time, within a certain range. Parents should master the scale.

  Of course, the learning of basic knowledge should not be affected by the activities. Activities and learning must be arranged reasonably if they are to promote each other. As long as parents help their children to prioritize and arrange their time well, extracurricular activities will promote learning in class.

  (11) Perception method

  Perception is the basis of thinking. Comrade Mao Zedong said, "Only when the material of perception is very rich and realistic can correct concepts and theories be selected based on such material." More contact with things can form more concepts. More concepts can deepen the understanding of things.

  Parents should guide their children to go to the society to open their eyes, use their eyes, ears, nose, tongue and body to experience things, to observe and think, to improve their ability to analyze, synthesize, compare, abstract and generalize, and to improve their ability to judge and reason.

  The carrier of thought development is knowledge. Intelligence is developed in the process of learning knowledge, and without knowledge, it is impossible to think. It is not enough to rely on perception and practice to accumulate knowledge, we must learn from the knowledge and experience of others and previous generations, which requires reading books.

  After children have certain reading ability, they should be encouraged to read widely to enrich their knowledge and improve their thinking ability.

  Parents should not only urge their children to learn the classroom knowledge, but also encourage them to read extensively outside the classroom and help them choose books that are knowledgeable and helpful for intellectual improvement.

  Children in extracurricular reading potential is very large, 14 years old to go to college Ning Pt in the family has a small library, he reads a wide range of books, where he can find he is willing to find a look.

  Each child's age and level varies, so parents should help their children set up a family reading corner according to their children's level of understanding, expand their children's knowledge, and improve their thinking skills in the process of reading.

  (12) Language method

  Marx said: "Language is the direct reality of thought." The level of development of speech governs the level of thinking. The logic of thought in the child's mind we can not see, but the external language of children is audible, written language is visible, so training internal speech to start with external language training. Training in the logic of language is a way of thinking development. Parents should pay attention to the training of their children's oral and written language, but not into a dry pure grammar training, but to combine the child's life, take a lively approach.

  First, encourage children to tell their own stories and talk about what they have seen.

  Children love to listen to stories, they hear a lot of fairy tales, fables, myths, and in elementary school they especially love to listen to stories of war and crime solving. It is good for the development of children's thinking to let them tell the stories they hear again. This is because in order to tell a story, a child must first turn external language into internal language, and then turn internal language into external language, and this process is the process of thinking.

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