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  The other day, a parent said, "My children don't communicate with us, are rebellious to their parents, and don't know how much we parents worry about their future. They also don't pay attention in class."

  I called her child forward and asked, "Your mother says you don't understand parents and are rebellious toward them, is that correct?"

  She said, "That's not true."

  I said, "Why isn't that right?"

  She said, "Parents sometimes don't understand our children."

  I said, "Give me an example."

  My daughter said, "I like to wear black and white as my base color, but whenever I choose that color, my mom says I have no eyesight."

  So I spoke to the parent: "A girl in junior high school should have the right to choose her own style and color of dress. You say she has no eyesight, and in turn, let the parents wear a child's favorite clothes, do you feel good to go to work? Not good, right? But she wore the clothes she chose, her classmates said it was good, and she felt good about herself. This is the confidence of a girl!"

  I said to my child, "Is your mother right when she says you don't pay much attention in class?"

  She said, "That's kind of true."

  I said, "That's good." Then I said to the group, "This child is being truthful with her parents. What the parent says makes sense is acknowledged and understood."

  I asked, "And do you understand being a parent and worrying about your future?"

  She said, "Yes, I do."

  There was an exchange between the mother and the daughter on the spot, and the mother didn't know that the child had these opinions about the parents in the past, so after the event that day, the girl and her mother stood together and cried with emotion when they spoke in front of me. She said, "Teacher, you still understand us."

  Her mother became embarrassed and said, "Don't cry. I'll be more embarrassed if you cry again."

  Parents, make sure that your children say to you, "Mom and Dad understand me!" If this is not said to mom and dad, but to others, parents should be ashamed.

  A child who has a bit of a problem with his parents over dressing seems to have nothing to do with learning, but once he overcomes his inferiority complex and has a feeling of confidence, he may turn that state to learning and show unrelenting progress in his studies.

  It's the same with adults! Today, because of your work, because of your cooking, because of your socializing, because of your playing, because of your singing, because of your dancing, you are praised, envied, and complimented by others, and today you are in a good state all day, so you do everything quite well.

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