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  If you let your child go from not learning the same thing to learning the same thing, from not being very dedicated to the spirit of learning to being very dedicated all at once, from being a normally naughty and scatterbrained child to becoming a very focused person all at once, trying to reach such a reality in one step is in itself unrealistic.

  When the child behaves less than ideal, you yourself give up this effort and deny this approach. This only shows that our original estimate was too idealistic. It is necessary to take one step at a time.

  Second, it must be by way of inspiration and guidance. Didn't he have some interest at the beginning? This interest should continue to guide its development, there are eight words to pay attention to.

  One, is to "appreciate".

  What do you mean by appreciation? The child is learning, right? The main job of parents is to appreciate what he learns. For example, the child is learning to draw, you appreciate his painting. If the child is writing, you appreciate his writing. He is playing chess, you appreciate the chess he is playing.

  Anything he thinks is good before he learns it, once he starts to learn, he is bound to put in the work. If you don't appreciate the work, if you don't appreciate the expense, your child's motivation will slowly be thwarted. Because children are not adults after all, they cannot learn entirely by utilitarianism.

  Therefore, one should be "appreciated".

  Second, to "praise".

  For example, if your child plays chess, no matter what kind of game he plays, find someone to play with him and let him win two games, you have to praise him. How can he be motivated without praise? It is not possible to make him develop intellectually and study hard for the future, just like adults do, all at once.

  Without appreciation, without praise, you are just saying nothing in terms of developing your child's interest.

  Third, there is also "encouragement".

  For example, if he plays chess with others, you have to praise him when he wins and encourage him when he loses, right? We are not at a high level now, but we can continue to work hard. Be encouraged.

  Fourth, we need to have a "role model".

  Appreciation, praise, encouragement, but also have a role model.

  What is this role model? Either parents can be their own role models, or they can find role models for their children.

  For example, how did Nie Weiping learn Go in the past, or how did other people learn Go. Another example is painting, how some children who are very good at painting or painters learned to paint when they were small, have role models.

  Use the eight words and four methods of appreciation, praise, encouragement and example in order to make your child's interest develop step by step.

  I think that the particularly important job, or the most important job, of parents in raising their children throughout their lives is to develop their child's interest in learning and his motivation to move upward.

  If the child's interest is developing and motivation is increasing, I think that the child will know how to find a solution to technical problems and difficulties in learning from the first grade. Since I started in the first grade, my parents never took care of my studies. But my parents' influence from childhood gave me an interest in learning and a positive enthusiasm. I grew up wondering and gradually worked out a little bit of truth as I grew up. The best gift you can give your child in terms of learning and intelligence, the greatest care you can give your child, the greatest help you can give, is to cultivate your child's interest. In the process of cultivation, do not think so simplistic. It is important to appreciate, praise, encourage, model, and move your child forward step by step.

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