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  Usually a lot of the guidance we give our kids is like this, we just don't know what's on the child's mind. Another example is when a child has a hobby and puts a lot of energy into it, and you have a subjectivism that goes up and says, "Child, you should do this, you should do that.

  Don't do that.

  Sit down and talk to the child like, child, how come you are now particularly interested in this video game? For example, this game he especially likes, he will say, this game design how interesting, well-designed. So, why is it good? You just talk to him. Let him talk to you in a completely relaxed state in the most pleasant way, in the most free way. Don't have any forced guidance or intervention with him at the beginning, so you can really understand the qualities, characteristics, interests and hobbies of your child.

  My child has been talking to me like this between us from junior high school to now. I talk to him about things that I have encountered myself, things that adults have encountered. It's like two friends talking, I talk about what people and things I have around me. I tell my child about my writings, what controversies there are in society, who supports me and who criticizes me, and the attitude of various people toward me, and I tell him like a friend. I told him all kinds of experiences, even some encounters that parents generally think are not easy to talk to their children about, as long as he has time and he has the ability to understand.

  Parents need to find this feeling of equal dialogue. In fact, most parents in China do not have this kind of equal dialogue with their children, but rather the kind of paternalistic questioning.

  How was your study today?

  What grade did you get on the test?

  What was your grade?

  What's the teacher's attitude?

  What's wrong with these students? Why do they keep calling you? Why does this student keep calling you?

  Go and do your homework!

  Where are we going to play tomorrow? What do you want to eat?

  It is a paternalistic attitude to talk. An equal conversation should be especially pleasant for the child, and this is something we must find a way to enter.

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