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  Parent: A relative's girl is in her second year of junior high school and usually does well in school and her teacher says she is fine. But since the first grade, she has been getting a fever whenever she takes a test. Recently, her academic performance has dropped to the bottom fourteen in her class, and her parents are very anxious and ask what to do.

  Author: Let me ask first, when did the learning start to decline?

  Parent: The last few times. The last few exams have dropped significantly.

  Author: What about the original? Did you study hard in the past?

  Parent: He used to study very well, and he worked very hard.

  Author: I can tell you that this child is one of those who are afraid of studying since childhood and have pressure. This is a psychological reaction, nervousness, and a sense of burden to study.

  Parent: Once I was at her house and heard her ask, "Mom, can I make a phone call? I don't understand why a second year child needs her mother's permission to make a phone call.

  Author: A second-year child needs her mother's permission to make a phone call, which can be felt that the child belongs to the type of parents who rush, manage and take care of the child from a young age, and are more attentive to the child's control, more strict, and definitely supervise the child's study more.

  The child is under pressure to learn. Anyone who has a fever or a cough when they take an exam is called exam syndrome. It is because of the usual study tension, a test psychological especially nervous, just like athletes once the competition will be nervous.

  Why nervous? It is a high target pressure on her. Where does that pressure come from? It may be pressured by yourself, or by your parents, or by the environment.

  In the case of pressure, the child may be able to persevere in her studies for a period of time, but after a long time, she can not bear it psychologically and suddenly appears to slip, or may even appear to have a long-term slide, and will continue to slip, which is also possible.

  In this case, parents should communicate with their children and make sure to free them from the pressure. It's hard for anyone to perform well under pressure and it's easy to get fatigued. A fever at the first exam will definitely affect the academic performance. So parents should not be anxious, you anxious is not more pressure on the child?

  Parent: I asked her mother to come to this lecture, and she said: I can't leave, I'm not home without someone to watch her, she should watch TV.

  Author: So the priority now is for parents to talk to their children so that they can relax and not study under pressure.

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