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 The right kind of homeschooling is something that gets better the more you do it. Don't try to get to the top in one step, just do it. Just do it and change will happen every day.

  First, implementing the right approach to education starts with adjusting your own mindset. Parents must first put an end to all the bad faces of the past.

  Are we making our children feel especially joyful and blessed parents? It must be joyful and blessed. The nagging and counting style has to be abandoned forever. Those things are bad for you and for your children, and are not blessed. What does it mean to be blessed? Bliss is good character.

  Many parents are very serious, and seriousness may bring smiles or distress. I hope your seriousness brings a smile, so, first of all, don't count, reprimand, nag, complain, frown, scold, chaperone, any of these faces! Not on any occasion, and not to your loved ones.

  Many bad faces are put up at home and gone as soon as you leave the house. Many of people's problems are often born at home because of the close relationship, the worry, the attachment, the entanglement of feelings. It is the same between parents and children. However, from today on we want to be blessed parents and make our children blessed too. All those bad expressions are not wanted.

  Second, as the expressions change, the words should also change.

  The reprimand and nagging that directly cause bad implication to children like "My child has bad personality, my child is not good at math, my child is slow in thinking, my child does not like to study ......" destroy the state of children. So, get rid of the nagging language, the language of counting.

  You can train your child well in a few days, and you can train yourself in a few days. Strive to be a talented parent who can not only manage their own family well, but also help their colleagues to adjust their families well. Be not only a good parent, but also an educator.

  Education is the big thing that plagues all of humanity. When we look at the world around us with our new eyes, we see that there are many, many problems and diseases in education.

  Some parents just destroy their children with their hard work and destroy themselves as well. Before they get old, they work hard, and their children don't learn well. If the child does not learn well, he works even harder, and he works even harder to destroy the child. He works hard every day, complains every day, and as a result, the child does not learn well. The more he worries, the more senile he is, the worse his temper is, the more he blames the child, the less initiative the child has.

  So, the bad language should be changed.

  Third, from today, to use the appropriate method to mobilize the child in terms of learning, growth, motivation.

  Do not rush, mobilize a little is a little, first is to do no damage, and then do mobilization. A little bit a day, 365 days is a big piece. What parents need to do is to give this motor the ignition, start, put it in gear, and put the gas on. Instead of pushing the "car" or smashing the "car", they have to motivate the child to grow on his or her own.

  Sincere and specific appreciation and praise is important here. Starting today, you need to find a topic to appreciate your child. Doing this is not difficult. Whenever your child sees you, he always wants to tell you a little about what he has done, what he has done, what he has learned, he always wants to be evaluated by you, and when you give him the right evaluation, the task of being a parent is accomplished.

  I hope parents will practice this skill and start now. It works with children as young as they are, including those who don't speak. For example, the fetus teaching: my child is so smart, great. Of course it works, why else would a parent's shock and frustration cause the fetus to be stunted? Any state of mind, any psychological activity of the parents will affect the child, so it is necessary to find the motivation of motivation.

  Fourth, summarize the techniques of motivating children, to a certain extent, you will find the rules.

  Just like one parent who started with a few methods, just praising the child: you are great, you are so good. This child changed. We should not only stop at the stage of saying that the child is great every day, but also study how to better motivate the child, and study the specific rules. The next part of this book introduces 20 basic methods that parents can invent again.

  Fifth, what is the level of understanding and appreciation of the child? It is to be particularly sensitive to the child's mental state and not to make mistakes in judgment as much as possible.

  If you do it slowly, the third and fourth points will be achieved, and the fifth point will come out naturally, and it won't take long to do it. Parents can detect a child's expression or a subtle change, and once they understand the child's psychological state, they can take the right attitude.

  For example, in the example mentioned earlier, a three-year-old girl suddenly hid behind her mother because she was embarrassed and frustrated because the little boy refused to play soccer with her. Adults tend to ignore children, thinking that they have no self-esteem. In fact, children not only have self-esteem, but they are no weaker than adults. In this situation, parents need to find ways to mobilize and turn the blow into an exercise for the child.

  People who can do this are educators. If you talk a lot of theory, but can't educate your child, it's all talk on paper.

  Sixth, you know your child very well, and appreciate him or her very well, and have a good relationship with him or her, but it is impossible for him or her not to make mistakes, so what should you do? The child needs to be taught correctly by adults.

  What is the basis of frustration education? Encouragement and appreciation do not mean that you cannot criticize. However, what kind of person has the right to criticize others? You have the right to criticize someone after you have actually found something to affirm, praise, or appreciate in them. An educator must be like that.

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