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  Parent: My child is not a good student, how can I help him build up his faith in college? His school has a low promotion rate, and it costs a lot to transfer to another school.

  Author: Your child attended a summer camp (in 1996, the author hosted a "Future Strong Camp" for all middle school students) and did exceptionally well, carrying the flag in front of us all the time and having a very good temperament during our training sessions.

  Now, for various reasons, the academic performance is not very good, according to the question you just asked, I can make the answer is as follows.

  First, in the future orientation of your child, you should not have a conclusion that "if you can't get into college, there is no way out of life", you must first take away this misconception.

  People live in the world and do all kinds of things, some people are very good but did not go to college. And there are also a large number of people who have not gone to college to get a diploma after self-education. You should not let him cause unnecessary fear in this area.

  Second, in the fight for the issue of college, to get into a better state. The result of pestering him with this kind of thought burden day in and day out, instead of the possibility of learning badly. To adopt a positive attitude. What do you mean by a positive state? It is a very excited, hard-working, but at the same time not overly stressed. Just like an athlete, if you don't work hard and don't have that state of excitement, you won't get good results; but if you have too much pressure, you will also fail.

  So, in the issue of college entrance exams again to cause his excitement, motivate him to study. At the same time, do not let him feel the pressure, if he does not pass the exam, he will not be able to explain in your place, or in the community, do not have this pressure.

  Third, inspire him to find a better way to study. Even if he doesn't transfer to another school, he should try to connect with the teaching style of a school with a higher promotion rate so that he can surpass the teaching level of his own school and improve his learning.

  On the one hand, you have to work hard and improve your academic performance; on the other hand, it is precisely important not to have that fear of not being able to pass the exams when it comes to further education. You have to communicate with the school that has a high promotion rate in terms of study methods. Definitely do not feel any pressure to fail the college entrance exam.

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