Education is a big thing that affects millions of families-Woodmam


  Every family wants their children to be successful. Being successful in school today and being able to succeed tomorrow when they go out into the community is a big deal in a family.

  Thousands of parents, or intergenerational elders, grandparents, grandma and grandpa, several generations of parents should be healthier, happier, more successful in life, and better adapted to this society. This is also a big thing for thousands of families.

  The third big thing is that we, more than one billion people in China, are still a developing country. Our country should also be more developed, healthier, and more successful in the forest of the world's nations. This is also a big thing for us.

  These three things are interrelated. Please think about this: if a child in a family is in a bad state, the parents worry about the child and his future, and the family is in a bad state. If millions of families are in this state, our whole nation will be affected. If the children learn better and have better psychological quality; if the parents are happier and healthier; then it will have a good impact on the nation. So, these three things are in a sense one thing.

  Many parents have brought their children today, and I hope that parents will be able to make a relatively big leap in homeschooling today, and that you will be able to solve many of the problems that you have in homeschooling today. All I ask is that parents get into a state of confidence and determination. You have the determination and confidence, or you may suddenly find a new feeling one day. There is an old saying that, if understood correctly, can find a new interpretation in all walks of life: "Become a Buddha on the ground" - become wise all of a sudden.

  The little girl who cries

  A week ago, during a tutoring session, a parent said, "My child is in kindergarten and cries a lot, making it impossible for the kindergarten class to proceed. She asked me how to solve this problem. I let my child come to the front, a little girl.

  I asked her: Why are you crying?

  The little girl, though very small, knew how to be embarrassed and stood with her head cocked at the time and said, "Auntie said me."

  I asked: why did the aunt say you?

  The child did not answer directly, and the parents answered for her from the sidelines, saying that she was particularly naughty and could make the whole kindergarten activity so naughty that it could not be carried out.

  I then asked her again: Why are you naughty?

  The parent said something else: My child doesn't cry when she falls, doesn't cry when her feet are broken, but when she writes or draws on her own, she tears up the paper and cries when she thinks she's not writing or drawing well.

  I said: What a good child! You child actually has a very good quality, she is not a weak child. The average child will cry when she falls, but not when she writes badly. But your child is a bad writer to cry, fell but not cry. This means that this child is very strong.

  So I asked this little girl: You are very strong and would like your aunt to praise you, so when your aunt once criticized you instead of praising you, you were very sad and you cried very much, isn't that so?

  She said: That's right.

  I said to the girl: Let's discuss, how about this: from today onwards, you are lively and smart in the class, you do not lead the naughty, take the lead to do something good, okay? Help Auntie teacher clean up a little hygiene, decorate the classroom, help other children to solve a problem, Auntie will not praise you? Wouldn't you be happy? Do you agree with this practice?

  She said: Yes.

  Then I said to that parent: Your child has every possibility to become a very remarkable child, but you have to be good at guiding her.

  With such a child, be good at understanding her personality, she is very self-respecting and very aggressive, and never simply reprimand her, "Why are you being naughty?" You have to discuss it with her.

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