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  You should know that both parents and children have a mutual attachment mentality. If a child grows up with a parent, it is possible that after the child leaves the parent, he or she will not be able to find the feeling of adapting to society at first. In turn, we parents are the same way. Always with their children, and when they grow up and leave them, they can not find the feeling, as if they have lost.

  In fact, your feelings are mainly a kind of loss as a father, when the children and their own distance a kind of loss, a sense of emptiness. You should have had this feeling of emptiness a long time ago.

  It's not necessary for your child to be with you every day throughout high school. I think it's best for your child to start living in school from middle school. I have had my child live in school since his first year, and it is definitely good for the child, especially in an only-child environment like ours, it must be. Your question is not really a question.

  A child's mind is simple. When a child is away from his parents, he feels both that they are loving, kind, and good to him and can understand their good intentions; at the same time, he already feels happy and free to live on his own as an adult. He no longer needs his parents to manage himself now, but then he may understand them later, and even come to be considerate, understanding, and caring for them to a certain extent, which is his role. You have to be happy about this role.

  At the same time, be wary of the new weakness that this role brings you. What does it mean? The children have grown up, they used to love their own children, but now the children can sometimes come back to love their parents, and as a result, you have also become weak. You have become an "only parent".

  So, for you, the most important thing, I hope that your greatest attention to care about your own life now. What I want to tell you and parents is not to put their own expectations on their children. Parents who put their own expectations on their own lives are the ones who may give their children hope for the future.

  Parents who do not have expectations for their own lives and simply take their children's growth as their own expectations are a particularly bad influence on their children and a corrupting influence on themselves. Especially at your age, you need to look for your own youthfulness. When your child treats you as a friend and likes to talk to you about so many things, talk with special energy, you yourself have a lot of new things to communicate with your child, this is only possible.

  You must not be a father who is lost and seems to be getting older, that would be bad.

  The concept of watching your children grow older and feeling like you are getting older every day is so wrong. You have to find your own concept of living again, and you have to think clearly about what you should do.

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