Don't compare your child's weaknesses with others' strengths-Woodmam


  Child: I think parents should be more optimistic. (Laughter and applause.) Parents should not always compare with other children, their own children's strengths are limited, (everyone laughs) other children are other children, your own child has entered this state, he has to work hard, a little progress should be praised, should not always criticize.

  Author: Right! (Everyone applauds) I think this child is very right. Let me give you an example, I know a person in the past, also quite hobby literature writing. His lover always said to him: "Look how many writers have written? You haven't written a single one!" I said that this lover's words are detrimental to the husband's motivation, you know what I mean? Just now the child said very clearly, you always have to know what kind of foundation your child was, what kind of foundation is now, what kind of starting point, and never say I this child this point is not as good as him, that point is not as good as him; you have to find out what the child deserves your encouragement and praise, you have to love his motivation, is that right?

  Child: Yes.

  Author: I think it's rare for your child to be able to make such an analysis and judgment of things today, which is rare for children of this age. Don't you think this is one of his strengths? Isn't it a bit of a dereliction of duty on the part of the parents? Look at your child, today he analyzed your note in two ways, what is right and what is not right. When he talked about what was wrong, he explained the requirements for his own study; when he talked about his mental state, he explained what kind of attitude parents should take. In this respect, I think this child is very promising in the future! Is that right?

  Child: Yes.

  Author: Let's set up a plan according to our current level, this foundation, and make progress than we did yesterday, so we can do it, right?

  Child: Yes, it can be done.

  Author: Is this a good idea?

  Child: Yes.

  Author: Let's give him a round of applause, shall we? (Applause) I say this kid is pretty good. A good child, if you take his music and the best music students in school to compare, take his sports and the best sports students in school to compare, take his language and the best language in school to compare, the result is that he is not as good as others in everything. How can this be? Think about it, your child is your child, if he does not reach a particularly high standard to your satisfaction today, it is because of your past education. So parents can only criticize themselves, not their children. Understand?

  Are children born knowing mathematics, science and chemistry? No! Then I'll tell you, you're a great parent today, and all the good things about this child just now are related to you as a parent! Being able to analyze problems on his own, being able to make a realistic analysis of adult judgments, and loving to learn on his own, and being able to say to his parents that you should be optimistic. Your child is amazing! These remarkable things have a lot to do with you as a parent. Do you know what I mean? You should increase your confidence! Let's give this parent a round of applause, shall we?

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