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  As a result of this exchange today, I hope we can reach a common conclusion.

  First conclusion, from today onwards, all parents, put down that nagging face, complaining face, counting face, reprimanding face, hard face, worrying face, organizing face, urging face, all these faces, can you? We need to have a determination, once you have determination, you may put it down.


  Yes! Go home with a smile on your face, treat your children and treat your life. Can you do that?


  Yes! That's the first conclusion. The second conclusion, I hope to really be a loving parent, a loving parent is a parent who must know that state of mind of the child! What is the state of his confidence, interest, motivation, attention, quality of will and motivation in life? Every parent must know their child from today on. Can you do this?


  I have just given you an example of a child who is in the third grade, but his parents do not know that he is not concentrating because he is playing with paper airplanes in class. In the future, we need to know why the child has problems. This is the second common point.

  The third conclusion, I hope that starting today, parents have one job that they can't afford not to do every day, to find one, or two, or three aspects of your child that deserve your appreciation and praise, and implement your appreciation and praise every day. Can this be done?


  Further down the line, I think more complex and rich homeschooling methods will be learned slowly by all of you.

  I wish you all happy, successful and joyful parents!

  Thank you all!

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