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Let's not forget the work of our feet, which will help us walk the path of life.

  Feet that are magical.

  Every morning, when we get up, we stuff them into our shoes, stand up and put our whole body weight on them. These feet take us to study and to play football ...... It is they who smell bad from our shoes, and it is they who are tired and sore.

  Feet have a "glorious history". The 25,000-mile long march that shocked the world back then was made by the Red Army soldiers with a pair of feet, step by step.

  Nowadays, transport is so advanced that you can go out by car, train, plane, ship, and also by bicycle, and there are less and less opportunities to walk. I am really worried that one day the function of the feet will deteriorate to the extent that they will not be able to walk, then people will have grown two feet for nothing.

  Since we have two feet, we have to exercise them and keep giving them stimulation to get the most out of them.

  According to Chinese medicine, there are many acupuncture points and meridians on the soles of the feet, which are connected to our internal organs. If you press hard on different locations on the bottom of the foot and find out where it hurts, 80% of the time the organs related to it in the body are out of order. As a result, people have found ways to use foot massage to treat diseases throughout the body.

  More than thirty years ago, Japanese scientists discovered that people in a certain region grew unusually tall. After intensive observation, the people here ate and drank ordinary food, but the only difference was that they walked barefoot every day on the uneven pavement characteristic of the region. The scientists then analysed that stimulating the soles of the feet would have the effect of increasing their height. In fact, people have not been wearing shoes for very long. Didn't our old ancestors walk barefoot on the ground? When babies learn to walk, they also use their feet to relax and grip the ground with their five toes in order to exercise their bodies and promote their development.

  At an environmental camp, Dr Li Hao led the young campers to walk barefoot on the grass and land. The children had rarely experienced direct contact between their feet and the land before and felt refreshed and comfortable.

  A friend who returned from the USA told me that walking is a popular sport for men, women and children there, and that every morning or evening many people put on their 'walking shoes' and walk quickly for half an hour or more until they break into a sweat. When they sit down to read a book or work, they can concentrate very easily and work very efficiently.

  Some of our parents can't afford to let their children walk, and they are too lazy to walk, so they take the car when they go out, and as a result can't walk far. Many schools organise excursions for their students, but some of them get dizzy and nauseous before they can walk very far, not to mention insisting on walking the whole distance.

  Life is a long, long road and it is up to children to walk it. Along the way, there will not only be bright sunshine, but also wind and rain; there will be flat and straight avenues, but also rough and uneven paths. As parents, we need to teach our children to walk and, most importantly, to tell them that when they encounter difficulties, they should be brave and positive and walk on steadfastly, as success beckons ahead.

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