Three principles of hospitality-Woodmam


Kant said, "There are only two things in this world that deeply shake our hearts: the brilliant starry sky above us, and the sublime morality within us."

  One of the principles: respect for others

  Respect for people is at the heart of all rules of etiquette. If you want others to respect you, you must first learn to respect people. This is an important principle of "treating people with respect".

 Principle Two: Treat people warmly

  Do you prefer to meet people who are sullen and morose all day, or do you prefer to meet people who are happy and enthusiastic? I think everyone likes people who are enthusiastic, so you should be enthusiastic yourself.

  Enthusiasm comes from an inner love of life and a good heart, it comes in your eyes and in your conversations. The love you have for life, for your classmates, for your teachers, for your parents, will come out through your words and actions, and will not only lift your own spirits, but will also infect others, inspire them and make them want to be with you.

Principle No. 3: Be sincere

  The most important criterion for choosing a friend is sincerity. Sincere friendship is priceless. Sincere people are truthful, not hypocritical, do what they say they will do, and don't say empty words. A sincere person genuinely appreciates and appreciates others, and does not blame or complain about life and others. Sincere people who say things to their faces and don't gossip about people behind their backs.

  When dealing with your classmates, I hope you will also do the "seven don'ts".

  One, don't break a promise, even if it's a small one. If you have a promise, keep it, or don't make it.

  Secondly, don't talk about the shortcomings of other students behind their backs. Remember: "Good things are said behind people's backs, but bad things are said in front of people."

  Thirdly, jokes should be proportionate. Don't make fun of sarcastic comments, especially about the appearance and dress of others.

  Four Don't just talk about yourself or things that interest you when interacting with fellow students and don't say the same things over and over again.

  Five Don't get angry at others for giving you advice, but face your critics, whether kind or unkind, with gratitude, as their criticism will motivate you to improve.

  Sixth, don't touch your classmates' things, even if they are your best friends. You should say hello first and ask permission before using it.

  Seven, when you borrow something from a classmate, return it immediately after using it.

  Finally, may you choose sincere people to be your friends and be sincere yourself.

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