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Success is only for those who have the mindset of "I can do better".

  Innovation is the soul of a nation's progress.

  Today, with the development of the times, there is a call for creative people in all areas, and all types of people with innovative thinking and creative abilities will play a leading role in the development of society.

  The characteristics of a creative personality can be summarised as having a strong sense of curiosity, tenacity and a courageous and enterprising spirit.

I. Innovation and interest - I enjoy doing
As I was writing the section on 'Innovation', my son came back from holiday and I discussed with him how we could foster a creative spirit in our children.

  "Well, you have to develop interest first! Children's innovation comes mainly from interest, and interest comes mainly from play!" My son said without thinking, "For example, when I was a child, I used to shoot foreign pictures with my friends, but I couldn't beat them, so I worked day and night to figure out how to do it and find the trick. Another example is building blocks, today we build a house, tomorrow we build a bridge, the day after tomorrow we build a castle, that is also innovation! Thinking ahead of yesterday today, and tomorrow beyond today, thinking to change the status quo is innovative thinking. Why is this kind of innovation not tiring? Because it's play and there's interest! As I see it, to develop the creative spirit in children, you have to let go and let them play!"

  Children are brought up in play. Play can reveal a child's special gifts and talents, and if parents take advantage of the situation to nurture and strengthen this interest, it can lead to breakthroughs in certain areas.

  Unfortunately, today parents' eyes are often focused on scores and ignore their children's curiosity and exploration, which is where creativity comes from!

II. Innovation and enterprise - pay more attention to life

  Innovation is not a mystery. Sometimes finding ways to turn the inconvenient things in life into convenience is innovation. As long as you pay more attention to life, the smallest thing can be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to set you on the road to success.

  There was a poor painter in America, named Ruddleman. One day, he was painting, the eraser can not be found, it took a lot of effort to find the eraser, but the pencil has disappeared again. Then he simply tied the eraser to the end of the pencil with a silk thread. But after a while, the eraser fell out again. He worked on this for several days and finally came up with a good idea: he cut a small piece of thin iron and wrapped the eraser and pencil around it, and thus a pencil with an eraser was born. Lübmann later patented the pencil and sold it to a pencil company for a profit of $550,000.

Third, innovation and mistakes - not afraid of children in trouble

  Children often get into trouble, which makes parents feel bad. In fact, we don't have to get upset when children get into trouble, they will grow up and mature eventually.

  Do you know who invented Coca-Cola? It was a young man who got into trouble.

  There was a pharmacist in America called Zumbenblatt who developed a syrup to cure headaches and dizziness. When the recipe was ready, he instructed the clerk to mix it with water. One day, because of carelessness, the clerk mistook the soda for plain water and the syrup bubbled. The shopkeeper was so frightened by the trouble he had made that he drank it all at once and found it tasted so good that he told the pharmacist about it. The pharmacist tasted it and it tasted so good that after many more trials he finally formulated a drink that tasted so good that he sold the patent to a beverage dealer. And so the world-famous Coca-Cola was born.

  There is no telling how many inventions in the world have been born out of accidents. If you want to raise your child to be innovative, then don't be afraid of your child getting into trouble, let alone failing. Let your child face everything in life positively and try to change reality, and miracles will happen.

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