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An appreciative adult's eye can make a child do wonders.

  In the bag of my life, I have a gift from my mother - courage. This courage to say "I can do it" was inspired by the power of my mother's appreciation when I was a child.

Appreciation is the best nutrient to stimulate children's interest. Picking, reprimanding and scolding may produce a painter or a piano player, but never an artist! Because genius is created by strong interest and tenacious fascination, only a strong interest can make a person become a top-notch person in this field.

Everyone emotionally needs praise and motivation, especially children who are praised and motivated by their parents and teachers will be much more courageous and much more creative. Some parents think that stern supervision is a good solution, but they are actually very wrong because people do not want to do things passively all the time.

  Motivation works not only for children, but for people of any age.

  My mother is very good at appreciating people and motivating them. Every time my parents had a birthday, my aunts took the initiative to bring something nice to visit them. My mother's birthday was during the peach season, and my second brother-in-law was the best at buying peaches, and my mother would tell everyone, "I love the peaches my second aunt bought, they are big, sweet and soft, and especially delicious." My husband is the best at buying chicken, and my mom always says, "He's really good at it, it's tender and tasty." My brother-in-law is especially good at stir-frying, and every time the family gathers, my mother praises him over and over again, "Look at the food they make, it's even better than the food in the restaurant!" In this way, with laughter, the elderly enjoy the joy of family life, and everyone is in a happy mood to do this and that for them.

  In life, we also need to look at the people and things around us with an eye for appreciation.

  Learn to appreciate others in life, you will also get a lot of unexpected joy, you will feel how beautiful the world is.

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