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 In April 1996, the female doctor who had stayed in Germany for eight years left the immunobiology laboratory and went out into society as an environmental volunteer.

  Li Hao's story has touched my heart. Li Hao gave me my first lesson in environmental protection and I felt that I was too ignorant in the science of protecting the environment.

  A sense of responsibility rose up in me. "Organise all the children in China to form a 'Hand in Hand Global Village' and listen to your lectures, so that they can all become 'Little Doctors of Environmental Protection' and protect the big planet with small actions..." I was excited. ..." I spoke excitedly about my vision.

  "Great! Let's do it together!" Li Hao was so excited that she no longer felt alone, she was sure that there would be countless children joining her in promoting environmental protection.

  We met several times and decided to start a column called "Hand in Hand Global Village" in the China Youth Daily and hired Li Hao as "Dr. Earth" to write articles to introduce children to environmental protection.

  "Li Hao's article was very well received by the young readers and the children learned that Mother Earth was sick and that it was their responsibility to take small actions as children of Mother Earth. Everyone was eager to do something to help protect Mother Earth.

  Five months after the launch of the column, "Hand in Hand Global Village", a child-friendly name, became the name of an environmental organisation for children and youth in China.

  Let's sing the song "Hand in Hand, Global Village", written by Li Youyong and composed by Gong Yaonian.

  Bend down and pick up a hope, hold hands and hold out a sun. The sun of hope is us, we dress up the global village, beautifully! We're making the global village our home. We join hands and sing, the global village is our common home.

  Bend down and plant a small tree, hand in hand, build a green wave. The long river of green is us, we make the global village, forever birdsong! Hand in hand, global village, the river of life sings in our hearts. Hand in hand, global village, the river of life sings in our hearts.

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