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    Only those who are responsible for themselves can be responsible for their country.
        In some families, there is a "melee" every morning to get the children up and go to school. For this reason, many young mothers ask: What should I do if my child refuses to get up in the morning?

  The first thing to do is to make your child understand that school is his own business and that mom and dad are not obligated to "do" everything for him. Students should get up on time and go to school on time, and not be late at all. In case of windy or rainy weather, it is the student's responsibility to get up earlier, leave home earlier, walk to school even if he can't get on the car, and attend classes on time. It is necessary for parents to let their children understand this responsibility on the first day of school. When your child starts school, you can give him a gift: a cute little alarm clock that will bark and tell him, "You have to make friends with the little alarm clock in the future. Every morning when it calls you, you must get up, even if you are sleepy. Mom and Dad will no longer call you, and if you are late for school, you will be responsible for it." If you insist on this for three or five days, your child's biological clock will be adjusted and he will get up by himself when the little alarm clock rings.
Another way to develop a sense of responsibility: give your child opportunities and positions at home to participate in labor.

  Nowadays, many young parents take care of everything for their children, and do not let them get involved in household chores at all. If a child wants to help an adult do something, the adult will say, "Take care of your studies, test scores are better than anything else, you don't have to do the work at home." Such parents are really confused, if the child does not work, will not show concern for the family, over time, may become selfish and indifferent, as if the family "outsiders". By then the parents will have woken up and it will be too late to blame the child for not working.
Let your children have regular jobs at home, such as washing dishes, sweeping the floor, mopping the floor, wiping the glass, fetching milk, getting the newspaper and other things that they have to do every day, and give them a few pieces to do and be responsible for them to the end.

  Parents should recognize the work done by their children and give them appreciation as a reward. If money is used to reward the child's work, it will eventually foster a strong sense of meritocracy.

Educational toys can be used to prompt children's learning abilities

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