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Put down the shelf and you will find that your child may be better than you.

Those who can are teachers. It's not something to be ashamed of to worship a child as a teacher.

  Today's children are very fortunate to grow up in the information age, where science and technology are developing rapidly. They have a huge potential for development, and their ability to acquire information far exceeds what we parents can imagine. When we buy a new appliance, we are overwhelmed and overwhelmed, while our children can make the dazzling appliance obey their command and teach us how to use it in a few minutes; when you go to the mall to buy something, you don't know how to pick and choose, your child will immediately tell you which style of clothes is the most popular and which is out of fashion, so you have to listen to him! ...... In some ways, children do know more than we do.

  There are many benefits to worshiping a child as a teacher.

  One, it can make adults young. It's like going back to their youth and activating their interest in learning new things.

  Two, it can make the child become confident. It is a great thing to be a teacher of parents and make them listen to you! The child will naturally send the positive message "I can do it" from his or her heart.

  Third, it can enhance the relationship between parents and children. The parents worship their children as teachers, they will naturally put down their stance and get along with their children as equals; the children are respected by the adults and in turn will respect the adults more. In this way, the family atmosphere will become more harmonious.

Educational toys can be used to prompt children's learning abilities 

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