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"There is only one Earth!" The Earth is the only home in the universe where humans can survive, and her treasures are finite. By sending waste to be recycled, we are taking action to protect the planet.

  In just seven months of the "Hand in Hand, Pick Up a Hope" campaign, the money gathered by the children for recycling waste reached over 200,000 RMB and was used to build the first "Hand in Hand Environmental Protection Primary School" in the village of Taohua, Wanping Town, Anyi County, Jiangxi Province, a poor county in China. "This is the first primary school in the world to be built with money saved from the children's recycling, a miracle created by Chinese children.

  What makes the children feel most proud is that in just three years, the Chinese children and youth "Hand in Hand Global Village" has saved up more than 600,000 RMB from the sale of scrap, which was used to build four "Hand in Hand Environmental Protection Primary Schools" in poor areas of Jiangxi, Gansu and Hebei provinces. "The children's actions have shown the community that they are the best.

  The children's action shows hope to the community. It has enabled more children to understand that they are not just recycling a can or a waste newspaper, but developing a sense of responsibility to protect the environment, be diligent and thrifty, and care for their partners through their participation in environmental protection and waste recycling.

  The "Hand in Hand, Pick Up a Hope" campaign has shown the world that Chinese children have created not only a "Hand in Hand Environmental Protection Primary School" for a poor area with the money from collecting scraps, but also a miracle of using their own working hands to give love to help their little ones. It is not only the construction of the "China Youth Century Forest" to protect the Mother River, but also the creation of a miracle of Chinese children using recycling to protect the ecological balance.

  The "Hand in Hand, Pick Up a Hope" campaign has taught more children the power of unity and that a little goes a long way; it has made them believe that even small hands can lead to big hands, and that environmental protection and resource recycling are deeply rooted in their hearts.

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