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Creating a harmonious and relaxed environment starts with respecting your child.

  Xu Li's first words were, "At home, I don't have any secrets, I'm depressed."

The world of a child's mind is supported by human dignity, and under high pressure, a child never feels respected. A person does not have the feeling of being respected, he will not be able to respect others and will not comply with the norms of society. From childhood to adulthood, Xu's mother's supervision, surveillance and scolding of her son have long worn his dignity down to nothing, driving him to destruction day by day! In fact, Xu Li's conscience had already been lost before he killed his mother. The loss of dignity is exactly why children who grow up in repression are more likely to commit violent acts.

To curb the "sandstorm" of family relationships and to manage the desert of children's minds, we must start by liberating the space for children to grow. The famous educator Mr. Tao Xingchi has long called for "the liberation of children's creativity, children's minds, children's space, children's hands, children's time, and children's mouths." If we parents see giving our children free time as a charity to them, we are destroying their hearts. For children who grow up in repression and charity lose not only their freedom, but also their human dignity.

  The prerequisite for the liberation of children is respect for them. The most important thing that human beings can not hurt is self-esteem, in the family to establish a family paradise, to create a harmonious and relaxed environment, to start with respect for the child, to start with respect for the child's secret.

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