Fall down and get up on your own-Woodmam


Is it a soul sister? I failed the final exam. The teacher is going to announce the results this afternoon, and the whole class will despise me then, what should I do?" Then came the girl's cries.

  "There is no such thing as a winning general. Even a great general can lose a battle. If you have the courage, you can still win battles and be a general. When the teacher announces your results this afternoon, you should hold your head high. When your classmates see you full of confidence, they will not look down on you. For, what one fears most is to fall down on oneself, and what others think or talk about is not the most important thing."

  When I put down this long-distance call, my mind went to another girl.

  She was a senior high school student, from a privileged family, spoiled since childhood, usually topped the grades and was a third best student. After taking the entrance examination, she felt that she had failed and would not be admitted to the school. What's even more deplorable is that the next day the results were announced and her score was 7 points above the university admissions line! It was her poor mental capacity that did her in.

  A psychologist once said it well: "A barrel of unequal height around the perimeter does not depend on the longest board, but on the shortest one." The girl who took her life, her intelligence was like the longest board on the barrel, but her mental capacity to adapt to society was like the shortest board on the barrel. In the face of the college entrance examination, she did not lose in intelligence, but in mental capacity.

  The famous scientist Madame Curie said, "My highest principle is: never give in, no matter what the difficulty!"

  A good ability to withstand failure and overcome setbacks, the ability to recover from setbacks and the indomitable spirit of never giving in to failure are indispensable qualities of successful people.

  When you fail, you have to think: "Great! I get to taste what it's like to get up on my own after a fall, I get to exercise my fear of failure, and I definitely have the opportunity to experience the joy of success again!" So you will pick yourself up and rise to the occasion. As for how people talk about you, that's their business, you don't have to bother about it, just smile.

  "For a man to learn to walk, he must also learn to wrestle, and it is only after wrestling that he can learn to walk." Remember what Marx said, meet defeat with a smile and cope with all misfortune with a hundredfold courage!

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