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The education of life is the first and most important education a person can receive. Only when one understands how hard life is to come by can one know how to cherish it extraordinarily. I think that if these university students had ever received a good, scientific education on life, they would not have chosen to live so foolishly, but would have used their courage to overcome the difficulties they faced and their strong will to overcome all difficulties!

  Common Thread Nine

  One day, I watched a cartoon, "Monkey Builds a New House". The monkey had no house to live in and he was determined to build a new house. On the first day, the monkey worked for a while and decided it was too hot, so it said, "There's still tomorrow!" On the second day, still lazy, he thought again, "There's still tomorrow!" On the third day, he told the little hedgehog that he was building a new house and welcomed his friends to his house, but he still didn't work on it, thinking again, "There's still tomorrow!" On the fourth day, all the animals in the forest came to see the little monkey's new house, but the little monkey was still sleeping in the trees! That night it rained heavily and the monkey was drenched with rain and had nowhere to hide.

  "There's still tomorrow!" Why did that sound so familiar? I remembered that some of my teenage friends like to say that, like to put today's work into tomorrow. In their minds, there are plenty of tomorrows anyway, so it doesn't matter if they waste one or two. But they don't realise that their lives are being wasted in the anticipation of tomorrow.

  There is an ancient poem, "Song of Tomorrow", which is dedicated to advising people not to put things off until tomorrow. The poem goes like this.

  Tomorrow and tomorrow again, how many bright days are there; I live for tomorrow, and all things are wasted! The world is tired of tomorrow, and the spring is going and the autumn is coming. In the morning we see the water flowing eastward, in the evening we see the sun falling in the west. How long will tomorrow last? I invite you to listen to my Song of Tomorrow.

  There is also a poem called "Today" which urges one to seize the day.

  Today is the same as today, how little is today! When will this matter be finished? How many days in a hundred years can we live? What a pity not to do it today! If I say I'll wait for tomorrow, there will be another tomorrow. Let me write a poem for you, "Today's Poem", so that you can start working today.

  Each of our lives is made up of today, and we can only seize today.

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