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Mutual respect

  The beauty of negotiation is that one learns to think from someone else's point of view.

  The most important thing in communication between two generations is mutual understanding and mutual respect. And the way to achieve mutual understanding and mutual respect is - to learn to discuss.

  I have learned from my son's growth that discussion can make family relationships harmonious; discussion can make children get respect from adults, so that they know how to respect others and learn to treat their parents and others in a consultative way.

  From my son's early childhood to his high school years, I always used the "discussion" method to get along with him. "This helped my son learn to see things from other people's perspectives, to think about problems, and to learn democracy and equality, respect and friendship.

  Looking back on my son's growing experience, I deeply feel that children are an independent world, and this world contains great potential. The development of potential depends on individual efforts, but also on the respect, appreciation and affirmation of parents. Parents should believe that their children's world will be more glorious than their own, because they belong to the future. With this understanding, we can face them equally, truly respect them and praise them from the bottom of our hearts, and they will be able to reward us with their own healthy growth.

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