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It is the responsibility of parents to discover their children's interests and develop them.
 What is the responsibility of parents? In addition to teaching their children to become a civilized and polite person of high quality, they also need to know how to discover their children's interests.
Of course, as a parent, you can't just appreciate your child's interests, but you must also be good at discovering them. No matter what attitude you have towards your child's interest, you have to discover and support it with great enthusiasm so that it can develop into an ability.

  The standout of chess master Xie Jun is inextricably linked to her mother's respect for her child's choices.

  That year, Xie Jun was faced with the choice of either going to the chess team or staying in school and giving up playing chess. She wanted to go to school more than she wanted to play chess, because only she knew that as soon as she sat down in front of the chess board, she would be so happy and excited. Her mother, an electronic engineer who graduated from Tsinghua University with a degree in self-control, was thinking more about her only daughter's education and future. As an educated mother, she did not want to kill a talented chess player due to parental intervention, nor did she want her daughter to miss out on her life.

  So, a serious conversation took place between mother and daughter, when Xie Jun was only 12 years old. "You like chess very much, don't you?" Little Xie Jun looked at her mother, never having seen her so serious before, and was a little scared, but still nodded her head. "That's good, but you have to remember, you chose the path of chess, since you chose to play chess, in the future, you have to be responsible for yourself!"

  Imagine, if her mother had forced Xie Jun to study and suppressed her hobby of chess, then, now Xie Jun might be sitting in the classroom of the university, and our country would have one less outstanding chess player. Behind Xie Jun, there is a great mother!

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