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Learn to think independently. Being blind is much scarier than being naughty.

 I. The choice of friends

  A life without a happy childhood is unfortunate, and a childhood without friends is even more unfortunate.

  As a "sister" of China Youth Daily, we often have the opportunity to go around the country to host "heartfelt phone calls". From the phone calls of young people, we deeply feel that they have a thirst, that is, a thirst for friends and friendship.

 Second, the choice of object

  This choice is a major issue that children will face in their future lives. As parents, there is no need to avoid this issue, should be honest to tell their children, how to choose a lifelong partner, with what criteria to choose a lifelong partner.

  On the issue of choosing a partner, respect is the most basic principle, to know how to respect each other, but also to have the spirit of dedication. However, there are some young people who always have an unknown mentality, thinking of getting something from others, or using others to achieve some purpose of their own, which is immoral.

  Many young people not only do not have the right principles when it comes to choosing an object, but also stand on the wrong side. The choice of the object is too demanding, often resulting in a disagreement between the two parties, and even complaining for life.

 Third, the choice of work

  If it is said that in the past, because of the shackles of feudal consciousness and the "left" ideological confinement, the young people at that time could not control their own destiny, then now the young people have the ability to control everything about themselves. The policy of reform and opening up has provided people with numerous opportunities for development, and any ideal can be realized if you are willing to make efforts.

  For young people, the way to guide them to correctly choose "what to do in the future" is to provide vivid "ideal education".

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