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Some "pits" are laid on the ground in a grand manner, and there is never a shortage of pits, and one "pit" can be enough to break a child's talent, or in serious cases, ruin his life. If parents know that it is called a "pit", the money spent to buy harm will not happen again.

A good Head Start should be playful, uninhibited, varied, and relevant to life. There should be a series of intelligent enlightenment functions such as skill training, language development, and imagination stimulation in the content. However, the current preschool teaching is eager to let children master book knowledge and test knowledge. The desks restrict children's freedom, the closed learning content fetters children's imagination, the teaching methods violate children's nature, and the boring homework saps children's enthusiasm for learning - it is a utilitarian, slavish learning, which keeps children away from wisdom training and goes to the opposite of "wisdom training "At best, it can be called "early learning", not "enlightenment education".
In his educational treatise "Emile", Rousseau proposed a "most daring, important and useful" rule of education, that in the early learning of children, "not only should time not be fought for, but time must be let go in vain". He emphasized that children should be allowed to play to their heart's content, and opposed the use of curriculum learning to crowd out children's play time. In the case of current preschool instruction, whether you make a learning request of your child or not, this environment actively deprives children of their right to play as soon as they are sent to preschool.
Special Tips

  ● Desks restrict children's freedom, closed learning content shackles children's imagination, teaching methods violate children's nature, and boring homework saps children's enthusiasm for learning - it is a utilitarian, enslaving learning that takes children away from intellectual training and goes to the opposite of "intellectual training It is the opposite of "wisdom training" and is an act against wisdom education. At best, it can be called "early learning" and cannot be called "enlightenment education.

  The idea that preschools "can at least learn something". This idea contains a very typical conceptual error in current education, which is the contempt for children's right to play. They think that play is worthless, that it can be more or less, that it is optional, and that "learning" is valuable and that learning is better than not learning. Parents who think this way do not realize that for young children, intellectual growth does not take place at the desk, but in play.

  Early education can make children talented, but inappropriate "early learning" can only make them mediocre. To oppose "preschool" is to oppose unscientific preschool education, which is a quick fix. The purpose of not letting children go to preschool is to return good preschool education to children.

Educational toys can be used to prompt children's learning abilities

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