• Please do what I do-Woodmam

    Please do what I do-Woodmam

     There is a blue planet in the universe, her name is Earth and we call her 'Mother Earth'.  Mother Earth's children love to fantasize and often look up at the stars on beautiful nights, imagining that one day they will be able to grow strange wings and fly to another planet to live and find a new home.  However, when they grew up they realised that...
  • Please join Hand in Hand Global Village-Woodmam

    Please join Hand in Hand Global Village-Woodmam

     In April 1996, the female doctor who had stayed in Germany for eight years left the immunobiology laboratory and went out into society as an environmental volunteer.  Li Hao's story has touched my heart. Li Hao gave me my first lesson in environmental protection and I felt that I was too ignorant in the science of protecting the environment.  A sense of responsibility rose up in...
  • Hand in hand, pick up a hope-Woodmam

    Hand in hand, pick up a hope-Woodmam

    "There is only one Earth!" The Earth is the only home in the universe where humans can survive, and her treasures are finite. By sending waste to be recycled, we are taking action to protect the planet.  In just seven months of the "Hand in Hand, Pick Up a Hope" campaign, the money gathered by the children for recycling waste reached over 200,000 RMB and...
  • Keep your mouth shut-Woodmam

    Keep your mouth shut-Woodmam

     While reveling in one temporary victory in the conquest of nature, mankind has, as Engels said, "For every such victory, nature has revenged itself on us!" The indiscriminate hunting, killing and eating of wild animals has satisfied the pleasures of the mouth for a while, without realising that it has swallowed the scourge of strange diseases and death. At present, the living environment of...
  • Education for life-Woodmam

    Education for life-Woodmam

    The education of life is the first and most important education a person can receive. Only when one understands how hard life is to come by can one know how to cherish it extraordinarily. I think that if these university students had ever received a good, scientific education on life, they would not have chosen to live so foolishly, but would have used their...
  • Love your life-Woodmam

    Love your life-Woodmam

     In a book I read a beautiful and moving story. The main character of the story is called Ruiqi, a lady who is very pessimistic because of the loss of her mother. However, when she meets Wendy, a young girl with leukaemia, on the beach, she sees the value of life.  Wendy is only six years old, but loves life so much. Her story, touched...
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