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With the improvement of living standards, parents pay attention to the concerns of the baby's growth, the development of children's early learning toys, and toy maintenance has become a matter of concern. But many parents do not know how to maintain the toys, resulting in damage to the toys or the shortening of the use period. The following understand Ms. to her life experience for the daily maintenance of wooden toys to share with parents.
  1. Keep wooden toys dry, place the toys in a dry environment.
  2. Prevent the sun from shining for a long time, and keep the wooden toys dry inside and outside.
  3. Wash wooden toys regularly, at least once a month.
  4. Use special wooden toy cleaner wipe disinfection, and then sprinkle water spray wooden toy surface, and wipe with a soft clean cloth.
  5. Place the toys separately on a clean plane to dry, while also turning them over.

  Different wooden toy maintenance methods may vary depending on the material, process, performance, use, etc. The above mentioned are only general maintenance methods, if there are special circumstances, must be special treatment!

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