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  The young man worked there for 20 years, without taking a holiday in between.

  One day he said to his boss, "I want my money back and I'm going home." The boss said, "Well, we have an agreement, and I will follow it. But I have a suggestion, either I give you the money and you leave, or I give you three pieces of advice and don't give you the money, then you leave. You go to your room and think about it before you give me an answer."

  He thought about it for two days, then approached the boss and said, "I want those three pieces of advice from you." The boss cautioned, "If I give you the advice, I won't give you the money." The young man insisted, "I want advice."

  So the boss gave him "three pieces of advice".

  First, never take shortcuts. The easy and unfamiliar path can kill you.

  Secondly, never be curious about something that could be bad, or it could also kill you.

  Thirdly, never make decisions in times of hatred and pain, or you will regret them later in life.

  The boss went on to say, "Here are three loaves of bread, two for you to eat on the road and the other for you to eat with your wife when you get home."

  After 20 years away from his beloved wife and family, the man set out on his way home. One day later he meets a man who asks him, "Where are you going?" He replied, "I'm going to a place that takes more than 20 days to travel along this road." The man said, "This road is too far, I know a shortcut that will take me a few days." He was overjoyed and was about to take the shortcut when he remembered his boss's first piece of advice and went back the way he had come.

  Later, he learnt that the man had told him to take the so-called shortcut was a complete trap. A few days later, tired of walking, he found a hotel on the side of the road where he intended to stay for the night, and after paying for the room he lay down and went to sleep. In his sleep he was awakened by a scream, he jumped up and was about to open the door to see what had happened, but he remembered his second piece of advice and went back to bed and went back to sleep. When he got up and finished his coffee, the shopkeeper asked him if he had heard the scream and he said he had, to which he asked, "Aren't you curious?" He replied that he was not curious. The shopkeeper said, "You are the first customer to leave here alive. My only son was insane and he used to scream to draw customers out and then kill and bury him."

  He went on his way and finally, one day at dusk, he saw his cottage from a distance. Smoke was rising from the chimney of the house, and the figure of his wife was still faintly visible, and though it was dark, he could still see that she was not alone, but that there was a man crouched on her knee, and that she was stroking his hair. The sight filled him with such hatred and pain that he wanted to run over and kill them. He took a deep breath and walked quickly, when he remembered the third piece of advice and stopped, deciding to bivouac where he was for the night and make his decision the next day. At dawn, having regained his composure, he said to himself, "I cannot kill my wife, I will go back to my boss and beg him to take me in, until then I want to tell my wife that I have always been faithful to her."

  He went to the door and knocked. His wife opened the door, recognised him, threw herself into his arms and hugged him tightly. He tried to push his wife away, but failed to do so. With tears in his eyes, he said to his wife, "I was faithful to you, but you betrayed me ......"

  Surprised, his wife said, "What? I have never betrayed you, I have waited for you for 20 years."

  He said, "Then who was the man you caressed yesterday afternoon?"

  The wife said, "That was our son. I was just pregnant when you left, and this year he is 20 years old."

  The husband walked into the house and embraced his son. While his wife was busy making dinner, he told his son about his experience. As the family sat down to eat bread together, he broke open the bread from his boss and found a pile of money inside - his hard-earned wages for 20 years of hard work.

  This folk tale from Spain is an evocative and thought-provoking read.

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