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 There was a boy who used to pester his mother to tell him stories. One day, when his mother told him the story of the wise little white rabbit who defeated the wicked big wolf, he asked her in disbelief, "Why is the little white rabbit good and the big wolf bad?"

  The mother froze for a moment, then slapped her son hard across the face and said sternly, "Idiot, do you need to ask that?"

  The boy cried out with a loud "wow". Impatient, the mother slapped her son twice more and said, "Cry, cry, what's there to cry about, how dare you cry when you're so stupid!"

  The boy was inexplicably beaten, but did not know what was wrong with him. That night, he lay in bed, thinking angrily, "Can you be an adult and not answer my questions and be unreasonable? Can you hit me just because you are strong?

  From then on, he stopped pestering his mother to tell him stories and lost his curiosity to listen to them, but he was left with hatred in his heart. 13 years old, he was sent to a work-study school because he got into a fight and hurt someone. His mother, who has a post-graduate degree, would never have believed that a heavy slap in the face not only deprived her son of the right to ask questions, but also sent his curiosity flying and knocked away his self-esteem.

  Learning to think is extremely important for a person to grow up, "The revelation of thinking liberates a man from being a slave to being a free man". The great American scientist Albert Einstein also said, "To learn knowledge one must be good at thinking, thinking, and thinking again." The Chinese mathematician Hua Luogeng also spoke eloquently about thinking: "The ability to think independently is a necessary talent for scientific research and creative invention. Any of the more important scientific creations and inventions in history have been inseparable from the independent and in-depth look at the problems of the inventor."

  Without questioning and thinking, perhaps Cai Lun would not have invented paper making, perhaps Newton would not have discovered gravity, and perhaps Edison would not have invented the electric light, the telephone, or the phonograph.

  Thinking is the source of creativity, and innovation is the soul of a nation. You need to think to learn, you need to think to invent, and you need to think to perfect your life.

  Please respect your child's questions and thoughts.

  Thinking is gold.

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