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 Mr. Sun's daughter was a junior high school fast-track student at the secondary school where he taught. His daughter had a poor foundation in learning and her grades were not improving. Mr. Sun was under a lot of pressure and thought that he was losing face, so he put pressure on his daughter again and again. His daughter became more and more depressed and had the idea of changing schools several times. When she took her secondary school exams, she was adamant that she wanted to enrol in secondary school. Father and daughter had a heated conflict over this matter.

  Should they respect their daughter's choice or stick to their own ideas? In the face of this painful decision, the father finally chose the former. His daughter entered the secondary school of her choice.

  The situation changed in an unexpected way. She was at the top of her class, joined the league and became class president. The father was surprised by the change in his daughter. He had thought that his daughter would get more attention when she was near him, but instead of being capital, she became a pressure and a burden for her daughter, who was not doing well but was attending fast classes. Away from the big tree of her father, she instead found a sense of purpose.

  I invited both father and daughter to China Education Television's "Know Your Family" programme and asked my daughter to talk about her feelings.

  "When I was in the same school as my dad, I was always depressed. When other kids didn't do well in exams, teachers and classmates thought it was normal, but if I didn't do well, teachers and classmates would look at me differently, as if to say: "The director's kid still can't do well in exams? When other students went to tutorials, the teacher said he loved learning; when I went to tutorials, my classmates would say that the teacher was biased towards the director's child. I was so aggrieved that it seemed like I was living in my father's shadow every day. I made up my mind to leave him. When I took my secondary school exams, I deliberately enrolled in secondary school to avoid high school, so as to save my parents from persuading me to take our school. I knew that my father did not agree with me, but he supported me anyway. He was under a lot of psychological pressure to stand up for me, and I was so moved that I was determined to surprise my dad. When I came to secondary school, it was like I was liberated all of a sudden. I felt that I was living in the same sunshine as the other students. I was free of pressure because no one knew me and didn't know I was the director's child. I was so relaxed and so focused on my studies that I never said I couldn't do it again. Strangely enough, my grades went up quickly, I joined the league and became class president, and I was even more motivated to do everything, and my dad said I couldn't be suppressed if I tried. My dad said I couldn't even try to suppress the rate of my progress. I said it was: I was born to be useful. Now I've got into university."

  This wise father has taught us a lesson in life.

  One must learn to "give" and not expect to "get" everything. When we have, we may be losing, and when we give up, we may be gaining again. Those who understand know how to give up, those who are true know how to sacrifice, and those who are happy know how to go beyond! The one who is happy knows how to transcend!

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