The great inventor Thomas Edison was a very poor student and often had some very strange behavior and practices in the eyes of his teachers, so he was considered "retarded" by his teachers in elementary school and asked his mother to take him home.

  Edison's mother was uneducated, but she believed in and understood her child. She told the teachers: My son is a genius, but you don't understand.

  Without such a mother, Edison's life would likely have been a different story.

  Similarly, Albert Einstein was considered imbecile at an early age, but he eventually became a great scientist with great contributions to humanity.

  Of course, not many people in history have truly become geniuses, and most have spent their lives in mediocrity and hopelessness. Many people had high expectations from their parents and relatives when they were growing up, and when they grew up, they turned those expectations to their own children, spending the same or even more effort to raise their offspring as their predecessors.

  The result is not ideal.

  I have never denied the importance of the social environment in a person's development, but in my research, the success of a person is decisively related to the family education he receives in his early years. For a newly born child, his social environment is his family, his parents, and the relatives around him. The influence of these people will determine the child's future.

  The parents of successful people are not always highly educated or of high social status; the mother of a great scientist may have an average level of education, and the father of a great writer may come from the bottom of the social ladder, but this does not prevent them from cultivating their children's interest in learning and motivation.

  With interest and motivation in learning, children will love learning, will find the right way to learn, will have the perseverance to consciously overcome learning difficulties, and will thus develop self-confidence in life.

  Interest in learning and motivation is like a small spark, when the parents will ignite this spark in the heart of the child, like facing the need to ignite a pile of firewood, a small spark fell on it, the wind will blow out, the wind is small can not burn, firewood is too tight is not permeable to the wind, too loose and can not gather the fire, firewood wet still can not, at this time, you have to carefully care for this small fire, to "Coax" it a little bit lit up, prosperous, and finally become a blazing fire. When the fire up, sometimes a little windy, sometimes a little wet, sometimes a little tighter, sometimes a little looser, it does not matter.

  I am convinced that every child may be raised to be a genius and may become a genius in learning, as long as he or she is not born with a brain defect. The reason a child does not become a genius is first of all because of the less than ideal home education he receives. In the wrong family education, the child loses interest in learning and has no motivation to move upward, not to mention the perseverance to overcome learning difficulties.

  To raise a child to be a genius at learning, one must redefine the criteria for good learning, one must recognize that learning is a comprehensive ability and truly understand its structure, and one must have a set of truly proven methods for improving learning ability.

  In recent years, I have had a number of face-to-face meetings with parents and children. Many parents have reported that their children's academic performance has improved dramatically in the very short period of time following such exchanges.

  I hope this book can be of little help to families who are eager to make their children improve their academic performance. I have always believed that with the right approach, excelling in school is not a difficult task.

  Your child may have just been born, may be in kindergarten, may be an elementary school student, may be a secondary school student, no matter what age they are, the reason is the same, as long as you have the right approach, you will definitely make your child smarter and improve their academic performance significantly.

  To make millions of youngsters get the right guidance in their growth, to make millions of families get rid of the trouble of home education, and finally, to make millions of children become geniuses of learning, this is what I expect.

  1 Raising children to be geniuses of learning

  Why do children's development vary so much despite the same amount of energy, effort and money invested in their children?

  The experience of successful people shows that it is not difficult to be a good parent, it only requires a little change in the concept and method.

  1.1 Focus on the method

  A child's growth needs to be well-rounded. So how do you make your child learn well and how do you raise your child to be a genius at learning?

  The methods and theories in this book have benefited many families in its dissemination.

  We hope this book will benefit you and help you become a truly qualified parent.

  With the right approach, children can communicate with their parents and parents can truly feel happy. At the same time, the child's performance will be significantly improved. Making your child learn well is an easy task if you are willing to do so.

  The key is to have the right approach.

  The main thing in raising a child is in the method.

  Parents have the wrong approach, even if they spend all day with their children and control them from childhood, their children's learning is not necessarily good.

  I hope parents will take a step up in their thinking, find a new feeling, and treat their children with a new attitude and method.

  The theme of the book is.

  Raising Your Child as a Genius of Learning - A Guide to Effective Learning.

  1.2 The most valuable starting point

  Parents' willingness to discuss and learn for the sake of their children's education shows, first of all, a sincere intention. This sincerity is very valuable, and you should be especially sure of it.

  You are reading this book because you want to make a difference in your child. And the book is about making change in parents first and foremost.

  So, where is the starting point for change?

  It's like a big tree, no matter how thick and strong it grows, it always starts from a seed. Where is the seed? In your own heart.

  You have to believe that you will be a good parent in the future. Why? Because you have such a sincere intention and such an open mind.

  Many parents worry about their children's studies and their children's grades; but they don't think about whether they should change the way they teach their children. Without thinking about this, just worrying and complaining is not acceptable.

  On the contrary, having the sincerity and open-mindedness to change and the courage to explore new methods is very valuable.

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