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People often produce inspired thinking in the process of imaginative thinking.

  People often have a state, a problem half a day to think about not understand, half a day to think not to understand, thinking hard no way, suddenly a bright idea, out of a thought, a spark of genius, this is called inspired thinking.

  Children often appear in this situation, to boldly affirm him, appreciate him, praise him: you really have inspiration! It is better to tell the guests in front of the child: my child is particularly smart, often will be a bright idea, a bright idea will come out.

  This is also an important guarantee that your child will be creative in the future.

  Creativity leads to the development of the whole child's thinking ability

  There are many aspects of thinking, where do we start? Let's start with creative thinking.

  Creative thinking is the most important, active, vital and dynamic kind of thinking.

  By focusing on the cultivation of creative thinking - imaginative thinking and inspirational thinking - and by grasping this point and highlighting it, we can drive the development of our children's entire thinking ability.

  Creative thinking is the most active and lively expression of thinking, as well as the most direct effect and creative results, and is also the easiest to get praise, compliments and affirmation. By capturing this, you can cultivate the positive aspects of your child's thinking.

  When children are young, they ask: Can they get out of the TV? At this point you have to appreciate and praise his imagination. The child will also imagine: Can a person talk to a small tree? Again, you should appreciate and praise, and further guide the development of his imagination: How can the person inside the TV come out? How can we talk to the tree?

  From this he will enjoy thinking more, be more willing to use his brain and pay more attention to learning.

  Memory is a game, thinking is a more interesting game.

  Thinking is a game of making good cause-and-effect connections, many storylines, deep mysteries, valuable inventions, and games, so it is a higher class of game.

  As a joke, to make a child not only love thinking, but also a bit addicted to it. Like playing a game that he is addicted to playing. There is a love of creative thinking and a high level of excitement.

  There is a competition mentality in thinking, competing to be good, to be on top, to be strong, to be eager to create, and in this way to be happy, to be happy, to be at ease.

  6.5 Happy thinking is true happiness

  Happy thinking is true happiness.

  To let children experience this joy.

  Thinking is not only not hard thinking, but real joy, and at the same time a beauty.

  Happy thinking is also healthy, and happy thinking is also comfortable.

  Be sure to nurture your child's genuine interest, excitement, and joy in thinking. In this way, the child may improve on a daily basis.

  After you have read this book, you should think of your child, no matter what age he or she is, and make sure that he or she starts today, and that the five seedlings of motivation, whether they are fires or plants, grow rapidly under your cultivation.

  If you do this, after a period of cultivation, the positive elements will definitely grow, and you will not have to worry about your child's learning.

  Homeschool motto.

  Man is a thinking creature.

  The ability to think is an important, core competency.

  One characteristic of all people who achieve success is the tendency to pursue thinking enthusiastically.

  What makes a person successful?

  We find that people have a passionate tendency to pursue creativity in thinking and high efficiency in thinking, which is an important characteristic of success.

  The first thing to emphasize in thinking ability is: first, the comprehensive cultivation of thinking ability; second, especially important is the cultivation of creative thinking.

  The most valuable and genius component of a person's thinking, the first is imagination.

  Anyone who can make a little successful career in the world, his imaginative thinking must be more developed.

  To encourage a child's creative thinking, let him dare to think, and always praise the child's imagination.

  Creative thinking is the most important, active, vital and dynamic kind of thinking.

  If you pay attention to the cultivation of creative thinking - imaginative thinking, inspirational thinking ability, grasp this point, highlight this point, you can drive the development of the child's entire thinking ability and development.

  7 Listen to the cultivation of reading ability

  The ability to read is a very important ability.

  If you are good at reading and organizing the information in books, when you grow up, you will be good at handling all the information - social and life information, and you will have the ability to work and adapt to society.

  7.1 Reading represents all learning

  Listening and reading are essentially the same.

  Listening is dealing with oral books and reading is dealing with written lectures, so reading and listening are the same thing.

  Since reading can be seen as written listening, reading basically represents the vast majority of learning.

  When you listen to a lecture in class, you are merely reading orally. When you print the lecture into a book to read at home, it becomes written reading.

  Society is a big book, and it is also readable.

  Learning in society can be seen as reading society.

  Learning in life can be seen as reading life.

  In essence, the word "reading" can represent the whole learning of human beings.

  7.2 Ways to develop reading ability

  Reading ability is an important part of learning.

  In essence, learning can be classified as reading: reading textbooks, reading extracurricular books, reading teachers' oral lectures, reading social life, and so on.

  Here, we take reading books and lectures in a narrow sense as the object of elaborating reading.

  The main point is how to read books.

  If you know how to read books, you also know how to listen to oral books; you also know how to read society.

  The essence of the method of developing reading ability is the same as developing observation, memory, and thinking ability.

  Simply put, it is to use description, observation to establish the method, and to use hint, appreciation, and praise to cultivate upward motivation, interest, self-confidence, attention, perseverance, and other positive aspects of reading.

  The mystery is the same as developing other abilities.

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