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How do we implement this to our children?

  (1) Create an atmosphere where children dare to ask questions

  Parents and children play equal roles, to change the one-way learning tutoring to two-way interaction; allow children to "make mistakes", parents of children's questions, even in your opinion very childish questions, you need to use language incentives, gestures of affirmation, eyes of acquiescence and other means to give full recognition and appreciation.

  (2) Expand the channels so that the child can ask

  When the child has not yet developed the habit of asking questions or the knowledge learned is difficult, you can discuss with the child, and then the child will ask questions. Alternatively, parents can design good questions and guide their children to imitate questions. The content of the questioning starts from simple to deep, from easy to difficult. After a period of training, the child initially mastered the method of problem identification and problem solving, you can leave some time for the child to independently question and self-present in the learning tutorial.

  (3) Pay attention to every problem raised by the child

  When a child asks a question, it can generally be asked rhetorically, allowing the child to find clues to the answer to the question on his or her own.

  (4) Be sure not to ask questions that can be answered with a "yes" or "no" to your child's questions.

  (5) Encourage children to discuss with others

  Whenever children are red-faced, it is a time when their curiosity is heightened.

  (6) Give your child questions that don't have standard answers

  Give your children questions that don't have standard answers to get them to think deeply. Prompt your child to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of things from different perspectives.

  3. Dreams

  It can be said that dreams, doing something they are proud of, and the trust and respect of parents and teachers are the three elements that keep every child in a good mood and in a happy learning state, and dreams are the core of it.

  The stage is as big as the heart, so every child must have a dream. A dream is not an achievable goal, it may just be a delusion, but not without it, it is the bright light that candles the child's heart, the vision in the child's heart is the most beautiful, it will lead him to one success after another.

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