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  At present, writing is a painful task for many children, but this does not mean that children nowadays are inherently bad at writing, they can easily and happily write a diary or a letter in one go, a good prose by literary standards. But when they finish the essay assigned by the teacher, the situation changes, and their inner thoughts are either fighting with each other or missing each other, and the once easy pen is suddenly too heavy to start. At this point, writing becomes almost like a chore.

 The so-called "literary talent" and "quotation of scripture", the so-called "central idea" and "moral meaning", etc. are Once forced, it is likely that the child will be trapped in a dilemma, and improving writing skills will become empty words. It is especially important to remind that we should abandon the "thinking small to see big" that we often take as a "treasure", because of the traditional writing education habits we received, including us, two generations of people have this misconception, like to force a small thing The analogy is a big meaning.

  How can we improve our children's writing skills? Following the principles of competency development described earlier, it can be divided into three steps.

  (1) Encourage children to accumulate writing conditions

  This is the foundation for developing writing skills. Including.

  A. Observation and differentiation. Things have characteristics, so guide your child to focus on observation, in observation to distinguish the differences in the details of things. The content of the observation can be natural things, including all children interested in trees, insects, birds, the sky, the universe, the stars, etc., but also human feelings, such as human expressions, human language, human character, the human inner world, but also reading materials and television and film works. In a word, we need to develop "distinguishable" and "bright" eyes.

  B. Guide children to grow through experience. Experience is the best way to learn, only in the experience of growing children have their own practical experience, in order to provide a vivid basic life feeling material for writing, parents are advised to let their children try to experience first-hand.

  C. Record some good sentences. Goethe said that one should at least listen to a little song, read a good poem, look at a good picture, and if possible, say a few sensible words every day. Children's writing should be tasteful, and they may have to record and recite some good sentences, not too many, but often, such as "A white conscience is a gentle pillow", "Axe after axe, finally cut down the big oak tree", "In my friend I found my second self in my friend", "The night gave me black eyes, but I used them to find light", "Nobility is the epitaph of the noble, meanness is the passport of the vile", "The wind runs faster than the horse. "The wind runs faster than the horse, but, the horse runs in the wind" and so on, also including a large number of popular ancient poems, words and songs. If you have the conditions, you can prepare a beautiful book to record the good lines that can be chanted and read aloud in different categories, and remember a little at any time.

Educational toys can be used to prompt children's learning abilities 

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