• Imagination through association-woodmam

    Imagination through association-woodmam

    Cause-and-effect association  The "Matthew effect," which is still new to most people - "For to everyone who has, more will be given, so that he may have more; and from everyone who does not have, even what he has will be taken away. (This is a passage from the Bible's Gospel of Matthew)-is borrowed by American scientist Robert Merton to explain the phenomenon that "scientists...
  • Chart Mnemonics-woodmam

    Chart Mnemonics-woodmam

    There are many kinds of notes to help memory. We call both text and graphical memory aid notes memory mind maps, T. Buzan in the UK calls them thought connective maps, German scholars call them memory maps, the authors of The Learning Revolution call them brain maps, and Japanese scholars call them intelligent integrated panels.  The advantages of memory maps are numerous, the most prominent...
  • Psychologically build children's anti-abduction awareness

    Psychologically build children's anti-abduction awareness

    Are you a proud mom who thinks she takes care of her own baby? However, inadvertently, your words and deeds have run away again and again, making the baby disappointed with his mother——Runaway Mom 1: I don't care what I say"Yesterday, Mengmeng had two small wads on her hair, like Nezha, very beautiful. Mom, I also want to..." Guoguo, who was wearing socks, stopped...
  • How to cultivate children's hands-on ability?

    How to cultivate children's hands-on ability?

    Many parents always evaluate their children based on their grades, ignoring the overall development of their children. This kind of educational philosophy has a very bad impact on the overall development of children. Wise parents not only value their children's academic performance, but also their children's ability development.In the process of educating children, parents should change the standard of judging children by test scores,...
  • Let children learn from practice-Woodmam

    Let children learn from practice-Woodmam

    Practice brings true knowledge. Hands-on practice is a way to have an impact on the effectiveness of learning and create a facilitative reinforcement effect. In the process of hands-on practice, children will not only deepen their knowledge, but also develop their problem-solving skills.【Parent-child scene】 Case 1:Zhang Jie's father gave Zhang Jie a task: to practice it himself, to see how many times a piece...
  • How can children learn to manage themselves?

    How can children learn to manage themselves?

    Method 1: Cultivate children's self-management awarenessIn order to improve children's self-management ability, they must first cultivate children's self-management awareness. With a clear awareness, children will follow them consciously, combine their own needs with self-management, and treat self-management in the process of growth like eating and sleeping.British Prime Minister Winston Churchill was a man of the world during and after World War II. His wish...
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