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It’s the middle of the night and you want to calm your baby! Can’t remember exactly what to do? Here’s a summary for those times when you want all the “S’s” in one place to help you become the “Best Baby Calmer On The Block.”

As you do the 5 “S’s,” remember these important points:

1) Calming your baby is like dancing with her … but you have to follow her lead. Do the 5 “S’s” vigorously only lessening the intensity after she begins to settle.

2) The 5 “S’s” must be done exactly right for them to work.

The 1st “S” – Swaddling

Don’t worry if your baby’s first reaction to wrapping is to struggle against it. Swaddling may not instantly calm her fussies but it will restrain her uncontrolled flailing so she can pay attention to the next “S” that will turn-on her calming reflex and guide her into sweet serenity!

The 2nd “S” – Side/Stomach

The more upset your baby is, the unhappier she will be on her back. Rolling your infant onto her side or stomach will make her much more serene. Just this simple trick can sometimes activate a baby’s calming reflex … within seconds.

The 3rd “S” – Shhhh

Shushing crying babies magically makes them feel at peace and back home, but you’ve got to do it about as loud as your baby’s crying and close to her ear … or she won’t even notice it. Use this super-effective “S” to keep her calm throughout her fussy period and when she sleeps by using a womb sound CD or a noise machine that can make rough, rumbling sounds.

The 4th “S” – Swinging

Like vigorous shushing, energetic jiggling can turn your baby from screams to sweet serenity in minutes … or less. As you support your baby’s head and neck, wiggle her head with fast, tiny movements, sort of like you’re shivering. Once she’s entranced you can move her swaddled into a swing for continual, hypnotic motion. (Make sure the strap is between your baby’s wrapped legs, the swing is fully reclined, and it’s set on the fastest speed.)

The 5th “S” – Sucking

This last “S” usually works best after you have already led your little one into calmness with the other “S’s.” Offering her your breast, finger, or a pacifier will be the icing on the cake of soothing. You can teach your baby to keep the pacifier in her mouth by using “reverse psychology”—the moment she begins to suck on the pacifier, gently tug on it as if you’re going to take it out. She’ll suck it in harder and soon she’ll learn to keep it in her mouth even when she’s cooing.

Main Points:

How the side and stomach positions can calm your baby by switching his calming reflex on and his Moro (falling) reflex off

Important information about SIDS and your baby’s sleeping position

The reverse-breast-feeding hold and other great ways to cuddle your baby and soothe his crying

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