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Playtime is just plain fun, and it’s also an essential way to keep minds and bodies active and thriving. As the warm weather hits and school ends, it’s the perfect time for families to explore and rediscover activities, games and toys, all while building those all-important developmental skills.

Spark imagination with pretend play

“Let’s pretend we’re making ice cream!” “Say we’re dinosaurs exploring the jungle….” “What if we could live in that tree?” Pretend play, or make-believe play, is quite simply acting out stories and scenarios with a variety of perspectives and emotions, and it’s a form of play that lasts through a large part of childhood. While it is a powerful way to enrich creativity and curiosity, pretend play also plays a big role in fostering empathy, communication, problem-solving, decision making and expressing emotions. Imagine that!

Make memories with tabletop games

Math, logic, spelling, reading, strategy, collaboration, improvisation, spotting patterns—that’s just a sampling of the skills that games can help to foster. Whether you’re trying out a card game, arranging tiles, rolling dice or playing a new or classic board game, there’s lots of fun and learning to be had. Games can also boost social skills, as children learn about sharing, taking turns, coping with losing, and flexibility. And, of course, family game night is a great counterpoint to screen time.

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