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  It wasn't until after a month that the monk on the right side of that mountain, finally couldn't take it anymore. He thought to himself, "My friend may be sick, I'll go over and visit him and see if I can be of any help."

  So he climbed up this mountain on the left to visit his old friend. When he reached the temple on this mountain on the left, after seeing his old friend. He was astonished. For his old friend was playing tai chi in front of the temple and did not look at all like someone who had not drunk water for a month. He asked curiously, "You haven't gone down the mountain to pick water for a month, can you not need to drink water?" The monk on the left side of this mountain said, "Come, come, I will show you."

  So he led the monk of the mountain on the right to the backyard of the temple, pointed to a well, and said, "For the past five years, I have taken the time to dig this well every day after doing my homework. Even though I was sometimes very busy, I dug as much as I could. Now that I have finally been allowed to dig the well water, I don't have to go down the hill to pick water anymore, and I can have more time to practice my favorite taijiquan."

  If a person always follows others to work blindly and does not dig a well for himself, he will never have the opportunity to pursue himself.

  Have your own opinion

  To take the idea of everything by oneself is not to be bent on one's own, to be alone, but to be true to oneself, to believe in oneself, to be responsible for one's own commitment, to be bold enough to admit one's own shortcomings, and even more to accept the challenges one faces.

  The famous American actress Sonia Smits spent her childhood on a farm outside of Ottawa, Canada.

  At that time, she was studying in an elementary school near the farm. One day she came home and cried very aggressively. When her father asked her why she was crying, she broke off and said, "A girl in my class said I was ugly and that I had an ugly running posture."

  After listening to her crying, her father did not comfort her, but just looked at her with a smile. Suddenly the father said, "I can reach the ceiling of our house."

  Sonia, who was crying at the time, was surprised to hear her father's words, and not knowing what he wanted to say, she asked back, "What did you say?"

  Her father repeated, "I can reach the ceiling of our house."

  Sonia stopped crying completely and looked up at the ceiling, which was almost four meters high, and her father could reach it? Although she was still young, she did not believe her father's words.

  Seeing her face of disbelief, her father said to her triumphantly, "You don't believe it, do you? Then don't believe that girl's words either, because what some people say is not true."

  Sonia learned at a very young age that one should not pay too much attention to what people say, but make up one's own mind.

  By the time she was twenty-four or twenty-five, she was a young actress of some renown. Once, she was going to a rally, but her agent told her that because of the bad weather, only a small number of people might attend the rally. The agent's point was that Sonia was just starting to become famous and should spend more time attending big events to increase her fame.

  But Sonia insisted on going to that rally because she had promised in the newspaper that she would go to it. As a result, that rally in the rain made the square crowded because of Sonia's participation. Her fame and popularity skyrocketed.

  To take all things into one's own hands is not to be bent on one's own way, to be alone, but to be true to oneself, to believe in oneself, to be responsible for one's commitments, to be bold enough to admit one's shortcomings, and even more to take on the challenges one faces. There are many times in life when we have to take our own ideas.

  Who binds our steps

  The child has the capital to fly, but he can't let go of his homeland, his family, his love, and his comfortable environment.

  A fish, originally growing in the cold waters of Antarctica, later came to the Arctic Circle and was caught by the fishermen on Greenland.

  The islanders had never seen such a fish before, so the experts came. They said it was a deep sea bass, which should live in the southern hemisphere and could not normally be found in the Arctic Circle.

  No one knows how this fish got to the Arctic Circle from near the Antarctic Circle. Perhaps someone brought it in and released it into Greenland's waters? Experts hope that this is the result, but the information available proves otherwise. It swam here on its own, probably as part of some migrating family. It swam in only one direction, traversing the deep sea, escaping the attacks of natural predators, as its family members aged during the long migration. Eventually it crossed the temperate waters, experienced the equatorial heat, and traveled 10,000 kilometers to finally make it to an equally harsh space on a day when the sun rose.

  I wonder why it did that? The morning news on CCTV said that experts could not conclude why this fish came to Greenland either. That's a real question, and I'm not talking about the fish, I'm wondering how many other beings besides fish are making the incredible crossing?

  Maybe there really is too little. Mammals run faster than fish, but no Antarctic penguin has ever been found to run a marathon to the North Pole; they just grow in their established environment, isolated and not wanting to be disturbed by the outside world. People can come to a destination with the help of transportation, but it's just a glimpse, a glimpse of something, and then back to the space where they belong. There are more people, stay in their homes, even if it is poor mountains, but also their hot flesh and blood a little in the barren land squandered.

  Human genetic scientists deciphered the human genetic genes, the origin of the yellow race should be in Africa, scientists cited the same number of genes that exist in the yellow and black races. Scientists say that in the very distant past, our ancestors once set out from the African continent and went through decades, or longer, to the Asian continent. They reproduced on this Asian continent, and then never took a step out of the continent. The Asian continent was still asleep when the mad migration occurred in the Americas.

  Who is holding us back?

  One dusk 20 years ago, a plane swept low over a remote mountain pass, and a child was thinking, "When I grow up, I want to fly far, far away." Twenty years later, the child had the capital to fly, but he couldn't let go of his homeland, his family, his love, and his comfortable environment.

  That child is now me. I was surrounded by my homeland and hurt by it.

  Now I think of that fish, the fish that crossed 10,000 kilometers to make people feel inexplicable, and respect rises in my heart.

  The miracle of this fish that crossed the North and South Poles was precisely because it abandoned everything familiar in its homeland and marched firmly toward its goal.

  The donkey in the dry well

  The donkey teaches us the secret of getting out of a desperate situation, that is, to desperately shake off the mud hitting your back, then the mud that would have buried you can become a step for self-help.

  A donkey accidentally fell into a well. It cried out in pity for help, expecting its owner to get it out. The owner called several neighbors to come up with a plan, but could not think of a good way to save the donkey.

  So, people took up shovels and started to fill the well. When the first shovel of dirt fell into the dry well, the donkey's cry became even more horrible - it obviously understood the owner's intention.

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